Beacons AI vs Linktree: Optimize Your Link Strategy

beacons ai vs linktree

To promote yourself in this era of social media influencers, using a link to your profile is the best way. However, giving a single link in your Instagram, TikTok, or Twitter bio is not enough to share multiple social media platforms.

Adding multiple links in your bio can make your profile look unorganized, and platforms like Instagram restrict web link sharing to only stories and bios. So, to solve such a problem, you and need a link shortener tool to help you create a single link for all your websites or social media platforms.

While searching for a brilliant yet reliable link in bio tool, we came across two of the most popular tools- Linktree and Beacons AI. Both of these help you share multiple links by turning them into one. So, what’s the difference between them? Which one is perfect for you?

To give an accessible overview of both the tools and help you select which one is good for you, we have shared a comparison between Beacons AI vs Linktree.

Overview of Beacons AI and Linktree

Beacons AI is a popular link in the bio tool. While you can use the tool for link shortener and creating QR codes for your profile, it also offers various tools for engaging your audience, getting brand deals, and running your businesses successfully. Currently, Beacons AI is available for free. To explore and experience the tool’s full potential, you need to subscribe to its premium plans- Marketing Bundle at $30/month and VIP at $100/month.

On the other hand, Linktree is another popular link-in tool that only focuses on creating an attractive and appealing web link-sharing page. You can create a custom landing page that includes links to your TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, etc. profiles. It also helps in tracking and analyzing your follower’s activity. Linktree also works on a freemium model, so if you need to explore more of its exciting features like enhanced customization, extended analytics, and email & and SMS integrations, check out its premium version.

Now, we have an overview of both Beacons AI and Linktree; further, we will compare both tools on different factors.

Beacons AI VS Linktree- A Quick Comparison

Choosing any link in the tool will solely depend on the needs and preferences of the users. However, with the help of the below quick comparison guide, you can get an overview of the differences and similarities between Beacons AI and Linktree. Here is the comparison as follows:


Both tools are used for building a list of links. However, each platform offers unique features and tools. Beacons AI is all in one place for all the tools that help you maintain online business and increase traffic and sales with TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. It offers tools for email marketing, tracking sales and purchases of your business, generating QR codes, invoicing, income managing, etc., in addition to the link shortener.

On the other side, Linktree mainly focuses on creating an appealing landing page that includes several social media links to give the audience seamless visits from one another social media accounts.

With Linktree’s various features, you can customize your landing page and embed links to your social media profile and latest content suite. Currently, Linktree doesn’t offer a comprehensive dashboard like Beacons AI; however, you can still review the performance of individual links, track referral traffic, and analyze your list of links.


Branding is an essential aspect for any social media influencer or creator. Elements like visible platform logos and less attractive landing pages may not be a better option for your brand name. With Beacons AI, you can customize your domain and page for free. Also, you can use advanced customize options for SSL certification and add your own customized favicon.

However, to use these customized options in Linktree, subscribe to the Linktree premium version. You can’t even pick a personalized background image without a paid plan. You also require a Linktree premium to hide the Linktree logo from your landing page.


You can access both the platforms in any browser. Linktree offers more interactive and easy-to-use features. You need to create an account on the platform, and within a few simple clicks, the link for all your social media profiles, websites, and content is ready.

Whereas Beacons AI offers more features and tools to engage with your audience, get brand deals and utilities, and run your business. It allows you to choose from various templates, colors, fonts, etc., to create a perfect fantastic look for your brand.


Beacons AI offers many features for free. However, you need to buy its premium version to use features like 0% transaction fees, remove Beacons branding, custom site marketing, expert advisor, priority support, and others. Currently, there are two paid options- Marketing Bundle at $30/month and VIP at $100/month.

Linktree also allows users to create a landing page for unlimited link sharing and use the tip jar feature for free. However, to use its advanced tracking and analyzing tools, customization options, affiliate marketing tools, and other features, you can subscribe to its premium models. There are three premium versions- Starter at $4.99/month, Pro at $8.99/month, and Premium at $23.99/month.

Which Platform Is Best For You?

Linktree is an excellent choice for people searching for a tool that only focuses on creating a landing page to manage your profile and website links. So, if you have your creator tools options figured out and need a tool for a single thing, then checking Linktree is an excellent option.

Beacons AI offers tools to sell digital products and manage or analyze your income. Suppose you have a small business and audience and are looking for the tools to work them along with creating customizing links. In that case, using Beacons AI is a better option for you.


This article talks about two leading link-in tools- Beacons AI and Linktree. We have compared both tools based on features, branding, accessibility, and pricing. Each tool focuses on the specific needs of the audience. Beacons AI is the all-in-one platform with business tools, audience engagement, and link customization tools.

Whereas Linktree mainly focuses on creating an appealing landing page that helps you manage unlimited links to your social media, website, content, etc., ideal for influencers and creators looking for a single link-sharing solution. So, look at the above comparison of Beacons AI VS Linktree and consider your specific needs to choose the perfect link-in bio tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is Better, Linktree or Beacons AI?

If you want a tool with no advanced customization or analytics tool, then Linktree can be a great tool. However, using Beacons AI is a better option for extensive customization, business management, tracking, and analytics tools.

Is Linktree Safe?

Linktree uses several security measures like SSL encryption for data transit, strict privacy policy, etc., to protect user’s data from fraud and cyber threats and offer them a secure environment for a safe user experience.

Is Beacons AI Safe?

Beacons AI is a safe and reliable platform that works with strict guidelines to maintain user privacy and content security. It is a secure platform designed mainly for content creators and influencers.

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