Track The Sales & Purchases In The StartUp Beauty Business:- 6 Ways

Track The Sales & Purchases In The StartUp Beauty Business

When starting a new Salon business, there is much to look after! But sales is the aspect that requires an eagle eye and must be tracked down from time to time. With time, you can experience a lot of customer flow and keeping their data is a hard task, particularly when handled manually. Certainly, there will be a lot of errors, puzzles and confusion. The business you are operating in deals with the sale and purchase of cosmetic or beauty products.  So, do you realize the database you have to maintain? Do not panic! We are here with a solution that we call Salonist Salon Software. It is a smart cloud-based system that is here for your assistance to eliminate all the hard work. 

In addition to this, there are other strategies that require your kind consideration to propel the Salon business.  Find out those below!

How to Monitor Salon Sales: Best Strategies

Maintaining Records and Examining Results

Primarily, prioritize transparency. Assure that your Salon accountant and receptionist are keeping the record of purchases and sales comprehensively. In addition, hand over the register or any salon book to the receptionist to note down the entries. Also, provide an account management system on excel sheets to fill the mandatory information.  However, if you can then choose some reliable salon management software to reduce salon no shows and occurrence of the number of errors.

In addition to handling this, it eliminates the chances of corruption in the working environment. When the day ends, the entries can be compared with the real sales amount.  Practising so, you can find out if there will be any discrepancy and dishonesty. In case, the data is not matched then, probably there are two reasons. 

  • First, the corrupted staff has pocketed the missing payment.
  • Secondly, the customers have been charged more for the services. 

When all of this is handled smartly, the business sales can be tracked. The best part- you can find out who is dishonest with your salon and hindering growth.

Keeping The Appointment Records

When it comes to sales, if it is for services or products, must follow a set process of maintaining data. Collect the spreadsheet on the computer or paper that defines the availability of services or products, slots and the price.  Give the authorization to some trustworthy staff member to record the details of every transaction stage.  Consider the case, when the customer makes an appointment with you by calling or simply walking in. Then, the job of the receptionist has to enter the details, such as their name, contact number, the service they would like to have, the stylist they are assigned to and the total hours of serving. 

Creating a Sale Invoicing Slip

The general method of keeping an eye on sales is to generate the invoicing slip of all the sales completed in a day.  The slip must include the details like the stylist’s name, the service taken or the product purchased and the received amount.  

When the receptionist keeps the record of the customer’s arrival for their booking, they give them the invoice showing overall details. Of course, the customer can ask any query related before giving the full payment. 

With the right software for your salon operations, you can handle invoicing intelligently. All you need to do is fill in the details, and the software will send invoices in the form of SMS or email to the customers. 

Analyze Reports and Analytics with Salon Software

The next method to improve the process of sales examination is with checking the reporting considering different aspects. What you can do is you can keep your software optimized as per Salon requirements to create reports automatically for different elements. Daily customer flow, marketing process (daily/monthly), customer reviews, sales, etc. are what can be regarded. 

Though, you can get your software customized by skilled experts or find the one with the reporting & analytics feature.  In general, the software forms valuable reports according to the comprehensive details regarding buying details and customer traction. Noticeably, these are accurate and essential reports as they are according to valuable data collected and with more dedicated verdicts. 

These reports can be used for reflecting, examining and knowing the issues or mistakes or setbacks. Then after, a wise decision can be taken or strategies can be changed for improving sales and purchases. 

A Cash Flow Statement is Important

For tracking money inflow, cash flow statements play an important role.  As a Salon business person, probably you would like to know the daily expenses and their charges. From these statements, you can analyze when and where the money is spent as compared to other days. 

However, it supports distributing the cash or payment in different business operations to confirm the smooth functioning of the business. To make the money management and business workflow stable, create cash flow statements (monthly/quarterly/yearly).  Many salon owners use this method to effectively monitor sales. 

Use Salon Management Software for Automating Tasks

Having a Salon and not using the Salon booking software? Do you find this approach intelligent? For us, it is not! Honestly, it is an important part to track the sale and purchases of your business. So, we advise you to use the one with the required features to streamline your Salon processes. 

What it can do for you is that- it keeps an eye on every transaction completed and customer buying data. Also, it not only assists indefinite sales and purchase monitoring but, also, changes the overall payment procedure.  That is from manual ways to an error-free refined online solution. 

If you are even in confusion about choosing the Salon software then, we would like to add here that it is a system that not only takes care of payments but also of the customer booking process. Positively, it allows the customers to schedule their appointments as per their availability. Also, they can rebook or cancel it in case of any emergency. This feature is highly liked by customers as it is authorizing them to complete their booking process hassle-free.  There are many software solutions that can serve you best, some of the best ones are:

  • Salonist: It is first on our list because of the features it includes. From online booking to POS, report & analytics, employee payroll management, and multi-location accessibility, it has all! Salonist offers a 14-day trial for their customers so that they can make up their mind to buy premium packages. 
  • Acuity Scheduling: It is a Salon software meant for salon owners for handling the booking process online.  Acuity can be used by SMEs and individuals.  The features it includes are gift packages, cards, or another promotional strategy for business growth.
  • Rosy Salon Software:  As an appointment booking software, rosy is the best choice for salon owners. Businesses of all sizes can choose it for their administrative activities. Because of its includes, the salons do not experience no-shows, double booking, last-minute cancellations, etc. 

Concluding Remarks – Startup Beauty Business

This is all! The mentioned six ways are essential to be implemented to have a smooth and dependable sales process. Assuredly, these will make your Salon flourish and eliminate the stress of sales tracking. 

Are you following any other strategies? Have you used any of the above before? Let us know your experience.

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