Free Shredding Events Utah 2024

Free Shredding Events Utah

Utah is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States. It is amongst one of the busiest states in the USA. Free shredding events Utah 2023 are organized very frequently in various cities of this state. The cases of identity theft are increasing every day. And people are becoming more aware of preserving their personal identity.

The USA itself faces losses worth billions due to identity theft every year. This is the main reason why various free paper shredding events in Utah 2023 are organized all over the state. The events are organized by various public as well as private sector organizations to increase awareness amongst people towards safe paper shredding. Also, these free shredding events Utah 2023 allow people to dispose of their documents safely.

Today, we’ll share with you a list of the best free shredding events Utah 2023. Through these paper shredding events, you shall be able to get rid of your unwanted paper documents without compromising your security. If you are someone who is looking for such upcoming events then stay tuned.

List of Best Free Shredding Events Utah 2023

Below is a list of the best free shredding events in Utah in 2023. These events are free and open for everyone who is willing to get their documents shredded. You can simply check the below schedule and attend any of the upcoming free paper shredding events in Utah as per your preference. Crosscheck the list of Utah events where you can shred paper for free.

September 23, 2023 (Shredding Day/E-Recycle)

  • Timings: 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM
  • Venue: City Hall
  • Location: City Hall, Alpine, UT 84004
  • Additional Info: Shredding (no binders), E-waste: electronics, phones, TVs, computers

PS: The above-mentioned free paper shredding Utah 2023 events are free and open for all. All the important details regarding the shredding events are already mentioned above. If you are willing to get your documents shredded, consider visiting any of the above events.

Ufirst 2023 Free Shredding Events Utah 2023

The schedule calendar of upcoming paper shredding events in Utah 2023 is as follows:

  • Sept 16, 2023 – Draper Branch (811 E 12300 S, Draper, UT 84020)
  • September 23. 2023 – West Valley Branch (2752 S Redwood Road (1700 W), West Valley, UT 84119)
  • September 30, 2023 – Holladay Branch (4675 S Highland Drive, Holladay, UT 84117)

The following are acceptable items for shred day:

  • Clean paper (any color/size)
  • Blueprints
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Brochures
  • Mail
  • File folders

The following are unacceptable items for shred day:

  • Plastic bags and packing material
  • Computer discs, CDs/DVDs
  • Backup/VCR tapes
  • Transparencies/X-rays
  • ID badges/driver’s licenses
  • Microfiche/microfilm
  • Batteries
  • Electronic parts (i.e., no computer, printer, or photocopier parts)
  • Trash or hazardous materials
  • Metals
  • Bio-hazardous or medical waste

Shred Days are open to everyone, including community members who are not members of UFirst Credit Union. Shred Day events are first-come, first served, and UFirst Credit Union reserves the right to deny service to any participant for any reason.

Shredding Events by First Community Bank 2023

Below is a list of free community shredding events getting organized by First Community Bank. Bring your confidential document to this paper shredding event. This free event provides a secure shred facility. Timing will be 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The date and Venue are mentioned below:-

  • September 9th, 2023, Layton Main Branch 12 S Main, Layton

Conclusion- Free Shredding Events Utah 2023

Above mentioned article revolves around details related to upcoming paper shredding events in Utah. These events are getting organized by renowned organizations and are free for everyone. Anyone who is willing to get their documents shredded can check the above schedule and plan a visit as per their preference.

You are suggested to please read the rules and terms related to these shredding events before proceeding further. Also, if you have any queries or you need any clarification, please reach out to the organizers of the event to get more clarity. Feel free to write to us as well and we shall get back to you with all possible details at the earliest.

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Frequently Asked Questions- Free Shredding Events Utah 2023

Where Can I Destroy Documents Near Me?

You can simply visit upcoming free paper shredding events in Utah 2023. We have already mentioned the details in the above article. Here you can get your documents shredded for free

How Much Does Shred Cost?

If you can only invest a little time in researching free paper shredding events near me. You can get the job done at almost 0 cost. Similarly, you can search for paid shred services that charge a minimal amount.

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