Filmora vs PowerDirector 2024 – Which Is Better To Use?

Filmora vs PowerDirector

When you look for better video editing software then you will find multiple options. But finding the best and most relevant one is quite tricky. So to make that hectic task easier for all the users here we will compare the world’s most popular video editing software Filmora vs Powerdirector 2024.

This software has already made a name in the industry by offering simple user interfaces with the best functionality that editors require. Both of the software are highly used by professionals and beginners because of their amazing features. So finding the best one among the two becomes difficult for you. So let’s read the comparison Of Filmora or PowerDirector to choose one.

What Is the Major Difference Between Filmora or PowerDirector 2024?

Filmora and PowerDirector are used by thousands of users around the globe and are known for their amazing and easy-to-use features. They both are competing in the market due to their compatible features. 

When you use these two software you will find that PowerDirector is fast responding as compared to Filmora. 

Filmora is a good choice for beginners and PowerDirector is the right choice for professional users. The interface of both software is easy to understand. But Filmora is quite easy to use as compared to the PowerDirector.

The most curious to know about the software is the basic difference between Filmora 11 vs Filmora 12.

To find the better one let’s dive deep into the comparison between Filmora vs PowerDirector.

Comparison Of Filmora Vs PowerDirector Rating

Value For Money4.5/54.5/5
Ease Of Use4.5/54.5/5
Customer Support4.5/54/5
Overall Ratings4.6/54.4/5

The ratings of Wondershare Filmora and Cyberlink PowerDirector differ slightly, to start with. Filmora received a 4.6/5 rating compared to PowerDirector’s 4.4/5. Due to the complexity of the tools utilized for video editing, Filmora is therefore simpler to use than PowerDirector.

Filmora vs PowerDirector

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Most beginners and professionals prefer Wondershare Filmora as compared to Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Price Difference Between PowerDirector vs Filmora 2024

Filmora PowerDirector
The monthly plan cost is $19.99Annual plan cost is $49.99 per year. Lifetime membership costs $79.99Additional cost for plugins and effects is $20.99 per monthTop two Lifetime membership of Powerdirector Version:$99.99 $139.99Annual plan costs(price difference vary version to version):$69.99 per year.$149.99$129.99

The package of Filmora includes your access to the:

  • Filmstock 
  • AI Portrait.

On the other hand, if you go with the PowerDirector you will get:

  • Access to plugins and effects.
  • Free upgrade to the latest versions.
  • Access to music and sound clips.
  • Access Shutterstock 
  • Access Getty 
  • 50GB cloud storage

Filmora is reasonable to purchase as compared to the PowerDirector. Due to its advanced features of video editing Powerdirector is quite expensive. 

If you are a beginner and desire to learn video editing then Filmora is a better and more valuable choice. But for professional users PowerDirector is a better choice. For a better understanding, you can also go for the comparison of Filmora vs iMovie.

PowerDirector Vs Filmora Interface Comparison

The user interface is a means that helps an application, software, or website interact with the user.

Talking about the user interface of Filmora and PowerDirector, both of them provide a better or easier user interface.

The User Interface of PowerDirector provides options like Full Mode, StoryBoard, and Slide Show.

By the way, the user interface of PowerDirector is understandable, but when it comes to excessive fine detailing, it loses in some places.

PowerDirector also offers some amazing options such as the Learning Center, which makes it better than all other software out there.

Now talk about Wondershare Filmora, as soon as you access it, you will get to see interface icons like you can select saved projects or new projects.

In the user interface of Filmora, we get some automatic interesting feel, such as the option to set the frame rate has been designed in such a place that it should be easy for the user to understand.

Filmora Vs PowerDirector For PC

Today everybody prefers doing video editing on their personal computers which gives them support for better editing but the problem they face with choosing software is that they directly start with premium software which they get somehow complicated to understand.

Talking about the best video editing software to get started with, Filmora and PowerDirector have made their spot for beginner-level editing with a good and easy user interface.

Also, they provide very supportive functioning and smooth working which you will get to know in the next comparisons.

Below we’ve compared Filmora vs Powerdirector 2024 in-depth so you can learn more and choose between the two services with confidence.

Which Is Easy To Use: Filmora Or PowerDirector?

Because PowerDirector has more functions than Filmora, its user interface can be a little confusing. 

Transition effects that do ghosting and other video improvement tasks are available in PowerDirector for intermediate-level video editing. 

While Filmora does not offer transitions. 

In terms of more advanced functions, PowerDirector offers ready-made templates that are simple to use. 

You may find effects, music, and transitions in these templates, which make videos more interactive.

Is Filmora Better Than PowerDirector For Editing?

You might be willing to ask which of the two is best after reading the comparison of Filmora and PowerDirector. But, we can only choose one as best as the other based on your goals. 

For instance, PowerDirector is the fastest in terms of speed. Filmora, on the other hand, is ideal for creating videos to post on social media sites like YouTube. 

Therefore, purchasing the Filmora would be excellent if you are a YouTuber and all you need is software to create such films. 

However, if you plan to edit large recordings, such as those recorded at wedding ceremonies and celebrations, you must choose PowerDirector as it offers more advanced functions.

Additionally, Filmora is the better option, if you need a video editor with low subscription costs and those who are new to video editing should best start with the more user-friendly Filmora. 

It would appear that most people would prefer to purchase the Filmora over the PowerDirector for a variety of reasons. The PowerDirector, however, would be more practical for most professionals since it would meet the majority of their editorial demands. On the whole, determining which is superior is difficult and therefore depends on what you want to achieve and the current level of your video editing journey.

Now you can switch to the latest version of Filmora by upgrading Filmora 11 to Filmora 12.

Comparison of Tools and Effects of Filmora and PowerDirector 

Auto-rippleFull feature editor 
Silence detectionExpress project module 
Split screen360-degree footage tools
Screen recordingTrue theater color
Video StabilizationMotion tracking
Color CollectionMagic Movie wizard
4k resolution4k and 3D Encoding and exporting
          ––––Action Camera tools.
  • In addition, the latest version of Filmora X comes with the increasingly popular motion tracking, keyframing, and AI Portrait functions.
  • The most recent version of Cyberlink PowerDirector is PowerDirector 20. In addition to providing basic features, this software also enables you to use some extremely advanced tools, such as 360-degree editing effects, motion tracking, particle management, and video overlay. 
  • Additionally, it offers its members unique access to the Shutterstock and iStock libraries. Cyberlink PowerDirector is the software with the most editing features and the most efficiency when it comes to what you can do with it.

Conclusion – Which Is Better Between Filmora Vs PowerDirector?

Selecting a video editing package might be challenging, particularly if you’re new to the editing industry. Before choosing, have a clear understanding of your needs. 

If you summarize these concepts while focusing on the information supplied above of Filmora vs PowerDirector you’ll find that Filmora assures usability—especially for beginners—but that PowerDirector should be your video editor partner after you reach the intermediate or advanced levels.

FAQs – Filmora vs PowerDirector

Is Filmora Better Than PowerDirector For Beginners?

Yes, for a beginner Filmora will be the best option as it provides smooth working and vast features at a very reasonable price. Also, the user interface of Filmora has fewer complications than PowerDirector.

Is Filmora Free To Use?

Although Filmora’s features, tools, and templates are completely free to use, the exporting file will have a watermark. In case one doesn’t want the watermarks in the final result file he is supposed to subscribe.

Is PowerDirector Free To Use?

Yes. PowerDirector provides a free version of its video editing software. Users can use a free version of PowerDirector for 30 days while still having access to all of PowerDirector’s premium features.

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