Why Can’t I Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram 2023?

Can't I Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram

Nowadays Instagram has become a vast social media platform where all people like to share what’s happening in their life. It is the best source to share pictures with our friends if you like to click your pictures then you can put them on your Instagram account where people can easily explore them. But sometimes if ever faced that Instagram not letting you post multiple pictures. However, we might wonder why can’t I post multiple pictures on Instagram.

In this guide, we will tell you how you can cure it. Here we give you the key to curing these problems and one of the most common glitches that Instagram users faced is while posting pictures is  “Not Posted yet and Try Again Later”. You can also try Instagram desktop if you wish to. follow the tip and steps that help you to fix it.

Why is Instagram Not Letting You Post Multiple Pictures?

There are so many reasons why can’t you post multiple pictures on Instagram, sometimes the problem is caused by your network issues, app bugs, and other things like your Instagram account issues. But at times it is difficult to find the error. 

Ways To Fix Instagram Not Allowing To Post Multiple Pictures 

As you know that at times we have to post multiple pictures on Instagram but periodically we have to face some issues related that Instagram not letting us share multiple photos. But still, some Instagram users might be not aware what is the problem and how we can fix it.  

Let’s See How To Fix It.

Method 1: Check Your Network

So the primary finding to why can’t I post multiple pictures on Instagram is to check your network. sometimes issues are caused by your network connection. If you are using an android or iPhone and those devices aren’t connected well to your WIFI and your cellular data is enabled, that might be impractical to post multiple pictures on Instagram. While sometimes your devices show that you have 4G and WIFI, that might be practicable that you are not connected to the internet. Same it can be troubleshooting tips for any issues like reels not working and stories or music not working well. 

How To Fix It: Try to disconnect and reconnect your network. you can use airplane mode to turn it on and off on your device it helps to reconnect with your network.

Method 2: Update The Instagram App 

If you are using the previous version of Instagram then you should have updated your Instagram cause every time Instagram adds something new the application using the latest version of Instagram can assist you with the Instagram error. 

How To Fix It: Just simply update your Instagram by Google Play store and App store.

Method 3: Delete Your Instagram Caches

Another possibility is why can’t I post multiple pictures on Instagram that error might occur by a huge amount of Instagram data has been stored on your devices. 

How To Fix It: You can easily delete your Instagram caches by  Navigate to Setting Of your device > Click on Storage > Search Instagram App > Select it & Clear Cache.

Method 4: Post Multiple Photos On Instagram From A Computer

If you still trying to post multiple pictures on Instagram from your Android or iPhone, but can’t able to post so you can visit the Instagram website from your computer where you can share at least 10 pictures. All you need to do. 

  1. Open the Instagram website from the computer.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Hit the create button on the left side. 
  4. Hit and select from the computer to select your computer. 
  5. Hit the little icon at the bottom side corner to select the ratio and crop photos.
  6. Now change the order of these images. 
  7. Hit Next and add the filter and adjust your images. 
  8. Again hit next and add a caption or advanced settings like turning off like, and comments.
  9. Finally hit on Share. 
  10. That’s it.

Method 5: Small Sizes Uploading 

If your pictures and videos don’t find Instagram specs for uploading then you’ll probably collapse to post them on Instagram and will face issues about why can’t I post multiple pictures on Instagram. Your pictures may have a maximum of 30MB file size, while your video has a maximum of 650MB file size.

How To Fix It: For that, you can use an app to edit your photos and videos to meet Instagram standards for uploading, simply you can upload them through Mac/ PC and resize your files there. 

You can also save Instagram pictures if you want to save it without taking screenshot.

Method 6: Verify That Your Images are To Instagram’s Policies.

Instagram has some policies among their user’s feeds. If your post is against Instagram policies, then Instagram takes measures and action to ensure that its community remains calm and polite among its user’s feeds not disturbed their community. If your post contains any foul language or disturbing things and any sexual content it could be considered irrelevant or your account getting banned and even worse.

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Conclusion – Why Can’t I Post Multiple Pictures On Instagram?

Through the above-mentioned tips and instructions, you can simply post multiple pictures on Instagram. sometimes the issues are caused by your network issues, app bugs, and other things like your Instagram account issues. Simply you can restart or update your Instagram and fix the issues that bother you. 

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