Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator 2024

best celebrity ai voice generator

AI has become a hot topic in this digital age. From pharma, insurance, and banking to music, videos, and scripts, using AI has become very common in those industries. Many AI voice generators, AI content creation tools, AI content detection tools, AI image generators, etc. are developed on the internet which has made videos, music, art, and content creation very easy.

You may have seen many popular videos suffering on social media that include audio mimicking popular celebrities. So, if you want to create such content utilizing AI for voice cloning, stay tuned to the article as we will explore some of the best celebrity AI voice generators available online. Get ready to create amazing voices and content with lifelike celebrity voices with the best AI celebrity voice generator 2024.

What is AI Voice Generators?

AI Voice technology has come a long way, it has changed the way we interact and communicate with each other. Early voice systems were only able to recognize a limited amount or set of words. However, the advancements in computer algorithms, machine learning, and the introduction of new AIs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard have enhanced the potential of these AI voice generators.

With these advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques, you can now use this celebrity Voice AI generator to create voice content for businesses and brands to create voice material for their product promotion or use it to do voice cloning of popular celebrities. Find the best celebrity AI voice generator from the below-given options and create unique and interesting voice content for videos.

How Celebrity AI Voice Generator Works

AI celebrity voice generators use advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques to recognize and analyze unique characteristics of anyone’s voice and mimic it for a limited amount of words. Apart from voice cloning, it can also give you unique voices which can help create voice material for your videos.

With deep learning and natural language processing algorithms, these celebrity Voice AI systems are trained on a huge amount of audio data which also includes the voices of various celebrities. Many voice generators also allow you to offer a high-quality voice sample which will help the system produce high-quality audio products.

As the AI algorithms are becoming more advanced, these AI voice generators are becoming more and more realistic. However, they are still not able to produce the exact voice material of the celebrity.

4 Best Celebrity AI Voice Generator of 2024

Here we have some of the very popular and best celebrity AI voice generators below:


Lovo.AI is a leading celebrity AI voice generator free and a text-to-speech tool. It is considered the celebrity AI voice generator and is very popular among users for its vast library of over 500 voices available in over 100 languages. You can express more than 25 emotions using this unique voice.

Apart from voices, its most impressive feature is to generate realistic celebrity voices. With Lovo.AI you can create voice material in celebrity voice and use it to create engaging videos and presentations helpful for businesses as well as individuals.

It also works as a whole video production platform. You can edit videos and synchronize voiceovers smoothly using Lovo. AI. You can use the platform for free, however, for a better experience and to unlock new features of Lovo.AI, you will need a premium version of this free celebrity AI voice generator.

Currently, Lovo.AI is available in three premium versions- Basic for $19/month, Pro for $48/month, and Pro+ for $149/month.


PlayHT is one of the very popular AI voice generators as it offers a vast library of unique voices. It has almost 800 AI voices spanning over 130 languages each different from the other, so you can use different voices in your videos according to the vibe of the video.

You can give a script to the system and you will get a unique voiceover that you can use for your videos. Not only this, you can also get a voiceover by just giving a URL of the script. Apart from voices, PlayHT also can generate voices of popular gaming characters, actors, actresses, and fictional characters.

 To generate or mimic any of your favorite celebrity voices, you just need to find and upload an audio clip of the celebrity voice, and the system will generate speech in the celebrity’s voice.

While you can generate up to 2,500 words and generate 1 instant voice clone, for further use, you will need to subscribe to its premium versions. PlayHT premium is available in three versions- Creator for $31.2/ month, Pro for $49.50/ month, and Enterprise on custom pricing.

iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox offers both text-to-speech and voice cloning features to the user. It is an all-in-one place for different features including voice recording, audio editing, video conversion, and others. It is available for both desktops and mobile devices.

You can use this AI system to mimic the voices of various celebrities, fictional characters, etc. While the quality of the final product may be less, it is ideal for people looking for a celebrity AI voice generator free for creating memes, voiceovers in presentations, or any unofficial kind of work.

Along with voiceovers and voice cloning, you can also use the platform for audio editing including trimming, adjusting volume, and editing of recordings that will enhance the quality of the final product.

You can explore all the exciting features of the tool by subscribing to its premium versions. Currently, it is only available in three premium options- Monthly at $15.95 (250k characters), Yearly at $44.95 (800k characters), and Lifetime at $89.95 (2M characters).


FakeYou is also a great option to find AI sound or audio material for your content. Its extensive library is filled with several unique-sounding voices so that you can select any voice according to the mood or vibe of your video.

Apart from unique AI voices, it can also mimic speech patterns, intonations, accents, etc. with the help of its advanced AI algorithms and machine learning techniques. It caters to content creators on different platforms by offering high-quality voice-overs for video narration, dubbing, etc.

While it has so many great advantages including a huge library of celebrity voices, human-like voice mimicking, etc. it also has some disadvantages like limited customization options, low availability of celebrity voices, and others.

To explore the platform and experience its full potential. Fakeyou currently offers three premium plans- Plus at $7/month, Pro at $15/month, and Elite at $25/month. is also one of the very popular online AI voice generators. It is a website-based platform that can mimic the voices of celebrities and create realistic voice material via text-to-speech without any trouble.

It uses advanced deep-learning techniques and AI algorithms to process the voice sample in a few seconds and generate a realistic voice for the user. It also has a wide library that includes a range of voices perfect in various scenarios from educators and authors to customer support and marketers.

You can edit the generated product using its amazing editing studio. You can also make it more creative by adding music, video, or images to the generated product. It offers an intuitive interface that is simple to use and also quite professional.

You can use its various features for free, however, to experience its full potential you shall buy its premium versions. There are 3 premium versions- Basic at $19/month, Pro at $26/month, and Enterprise at $75/month.


AI has become an integral of all the industries in this digital age. It is used in content creation, image generation, create presentations, and others. However, in the above article, we have talked about some of the very best AI voice generators that can mimic the voice patterns and intonations of your favorite celebrities using AI algorithms and machine learning techniques.

You can choose a perfect AI voice generator and use it to create audio materials for your videos and voiceovers for video narrations. So, explore your creativity and create appealing and attractive content for your engaging audience, using the best celebrity AI voice generator 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Realistic free Celebrity AI Voice Generator?

Many AI voice generators can help you generate realistic voices of celebrities. You can find the right tool from the list of given AI voice generators that are helpful in your content creation journey.

Can AI Voices Be Copyrighted?

AI voices are subject to many laws legal requirements and intellectual property rights, so users must ensure that AI voices do not violate any law and will be used for legitimate purposes only.

Can I Make My Voice Sound Like a Celebrity?

You can use any AI voice changer application or celebrity AI voice generator to make your voice sound like a celebrity. They use advanced machine learning techniques and AI algorithms that can change your voice in any of your favorite celebrities.

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