Snapchat Vs Instagram 2024 – Difference Between Instagram And Snapchat

Snapchat VS Instagram

Snapchat vs Instagram 2024 also known as Snap Insta has always been a topic of debate amongst users. They are one of the most used social media platforms worldwide. Both these platforms are photo and video-sharing platforms used by millions of users.

Instagram has currently 500 million daily active users. Whereas, Snapchat serves approximately 332 million active users on a daily basis. Cannot deny that both these platforms got a huge following.

If you wonder which of these platforms is better, then you are at the right place. Today we shall discuss Instagram Vs Snapchat 2024. We will understand the uses and features of both platforms for individuals as well as marketing organizations. So, if you are here to understand the same then stay tuned.

What Is the Difference Between Snapchat Vs Instagram (Snap Insta)

Even though, both platforms are used for video and photo sharing. There are differences between Instagram and Snapchat. Instagram was primarily designed as a social media platform where users can share videos and images on their timelines. Whereas, Snapchat is an American multimedia messenger used to share pictures, short videos, and other small media for a limited period.

Initially, both platforms were quite different. But some similar features introduced by Instagram a few years back have changed the game. People now use free Instagram post makers to create their Instagram posts.

The introduction of features like disappearing messages, stories, and reels increased the popularity of Instagram as a marketing tool. Various photo editor tools were also introduced to make the posts look more attractive. This leads to the war between Instagram Vs Snapchat in 2024 to decide which one is better. A few differences between Instagram and Snapchat are explained below.

Difference Between Snapchat Vs Instagram 2024 (Snap Insta)

Instagram was developed jointly by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and was released in the year 2010Snapchat was developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in the year 2011
Instagram is a social platform used to share photos and videos on the news feedSnapchat is a multimedia messenger used to send photos and short videos in messages
Instagram is not owned by Meta (formerly known as Facebook Inc.)Snapchat is owned by Snap Inc.
Instagram provides features such as instant messaging, Videos, Stories, Live Feeds, Images, etc. The latest additions were made to the app in the form of reels and disappearing messages through vanish modeSnapchat allows users to share images, videos, stories, etc in the form of messages. All these contents can be used to edit and add filters through in-app features.
Features like disappearing stories, messages, funny filters, etc were introduced by Instagram when Snapchat declined the ownership offer shared by Facebook to acquire the platformSnapchat was introduced with features like disappearing stories, short videos, messages etc. The app was improved and new features were added by the developers during the journey
Instagram was acquired by Meta in 2012 for 1 billion USD. The Platform is currently valued at 100 billion USD.Snapchat rejected the 3 billion USD offered by Facebook for platform acquisition. The same is currently valued at 23.09 billion USD.

Hope the above examples were good enough to help you understand the difference between Snapchat Vs Instagram 2024. A complete clarification regarding both snap Insta is given above so that the difference between Snapchat and Instagram can be made easily.

Snapchat Vs Instagram Filters

Both Instagram and Snapchat provide various AI-based filters that can be used to improve picture quality or add various funny stuff etc. This feature is known as the Instagram filter on Instagram whereas the same is known as the Snapchat community Lenses in Snapcash. Both the features are almost alike but the algorithm of the same varies from platform to platform. We will understand more about Snapchat Vs Instagram filters below.

As we compare these two major social media platforms, it’s interesting to note how AI has influenced the development of unique features, such as filters. Speaking of AI, check out our guide on the Wonder AI Art Generator, a tool that uses AI to create stunning artwork.

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send a snap with the cartoon face lens

Instagram Filters- Snapchat Vs Instagram

Instagram filters are basically an AI-AR-based feature used in the app to make pictures more beautiful and funnier. These filters were the main reason why this app became much more popular post the introduction of said feature. People spend lots of time using these filters and sharing the various results with their friends.

From the marketing perspective, the only problem here is that sponsoring the AR filter on Instagram is very difficult. If you are launching an AR filter on Instagram then it is very much possible that users will never get to know about the newly launched filter. The respective developer had to run various marketing campaigns to promote their filters so that the public can be made aware of newly launched filters.

The primary option used by brands to promote their filters is through paid influencers. The paid influencers are often seen collaborating with big brands to share their filter-based picture or short videos on the stories. These stories are then watched by various people resulting in mass reach.

This clearly helps us understand that the AR filter campaign on Instagram is highly based on the distribution efforts of a brand. The more people see new filters in the stories of their influencers, The more people try and use the same themselves. Know about how to hide likes on Instagram.

Snapchat Community Lenses- Snapchat Vs Instagram

Snapchat community lenses are also an AR filter used to create various content in the form of pictures and short videos. Such filters make the pictures funnier or more beautiful depending upon the filter type. The app was introduced with such amazing filters which made the platform hit during the initial days. The same is even trending now.

From a marketing perspective, Snapchat provides various opportunities for brands to generate organic traffic. Unlike Insta, one can search the name of the filter easily on the search option and can apply the same for use. Various filters with huge potential have generated millions of users frequently. Adding a targeted marketing campaign has only added to better promotion results.

From the above explanation, it can be clearly said that Snapchat vs Instagram 2024 creates a win-win situation for everyone.

Snapchat vs Instagram Stories

Both Snapchat, as well as Instagram, provide an option for sharing stories on their platform. Users can click and upload the pictures on the stories which disappear after a certain period of time (24 Hours approx.). You can click the pictures using various features like filters, text, colors, effects, etc, and can share the same over your story.

Since Instagram is used by millions of people same is a social platform. It is likely possible that people who follow many users would ignore your stories and the same might go unseen. Whereas, Snapchat is a kind of private messaging platform hence it is used privately by a lot of people for only a limited group of people.

The stories shared on Snapchat are usually checked by the people you know. Also, the snap score feature makes the entire thing even more exciting. You can add music to messages & stories on Snapchat.

Instagram vs Snapchat Safety

Both platforms provide the ultimate level of safety and security to their users. An Instagram account provides various privacy features to its users. However, users have to make manual changes in the privacy settings to restrict unknown people from visiting their profiles.

Nevertheless, Instagram is a social platform and people expect you to be open hence security is always a bit of concern. The vanish mode introduced on Instagram is quite useful if you want your chat to disappear immediately after the message is delivered and read.

On the other hand, Snapchat is primarily used only for publishing stories. Moreover, people can share content between 2 individuals or a group of people privately. The vanishing feature makes sure that your messages/contents are removed from the inbox of the sender as well as the receiver as per the settings. Users can set the disappearing message setting to immediate (Special feature) as well as standard (24 hours).

Users on Instagram and Snapchat

Both Instagram and Snapchat are the top platforms when it comes to active users. They are among the most followed platforms all over the world. Snapchat has 332 million active daily users. Whereas, Instagram holds 500 million active users each day.

Easy to say that both platforms rule the social media world and the hearts of their followers. It is one of the better ways to grow your e-commerce business with Instagram tactics.

All the aforesaid explanation makes it easy to understand that it’s not Instagram vs Snapchat 2024. Rather it’s Snapchat and Instagram together. You can easily add and remove people on Snapchat.

You are not allowed to save pictures on Snapchat but Instagram users have multiple ways to save pictures on Instagram.

Snapchat social media app has a ghost as a mascot and Instagram has a cam on its app icon. The icon of both denotes its features and purpose. As Snapchat ghost indicates it’s an amazing disappearing messages feature. Instagram shows you can scroll through the post of multiple people and simply make a connection.

Similarities Between Snapchat and Instagram

  • In both, you will get amazing features of vanish mode chat
  • You can use multiple filters according to your choice
  • Users can watch reels and post on both platforms

Conclusion – Difference Between Snapchat Vs Instagram

Instagram is one of the amazing applications to share your points and views with the audience. It is one of the easiest ways to interact with multiple at the same time. Snapchat is an awesome application if you want to chat privately with your friends or loved ones. In, you will find quite a difference between both Instagram and Snapchat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Better To Use Instagram or Snapchat?

Instagram is a popular and better platform to use as compared to Snapchat.

Which Is Safe To Use Snapchat or Instagram?

Both are safe but texting is safe and secure on Snapchat as compared to Instagram

Is Snapchat More Popular Than Instagram?

Snapchat is more popular compared to Instagram but the usage of Instagram is more.

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