Best Free VPN for Windows 11: Secure Browsing

Best Free VPN for Windows 11


With the evolving digital scenario, privacy safety is an essential thing for any person. With a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it is easier to avoid malware and trackers on websites and keep your identity safe from ISPs, hackers, and government authorities while browsing.

You can use a VPN for travel, gaming, streaming, etc. However, With the development of Windows 11, enhancing the performance and user experience is possible, to increase security while browsing and performing tasks, using an efficient VPN can be a great option.

Finding a secure and efficient VPN that also works great with Windows 11 can be a bit frustrating and time-consuming for users. This is why, we have discussed the best free VPN for Windows 11 along with their features. So, enhance your data safety with the free secure, and user-friendly VPNs for Windows 11.

Windows 11 And the Need for a Compatible VPN

Windows 11 is a secure operating system that keeps your PC data safe. However, beyond its safety features, there is still an essential aspect of online safety. Offering a secure environment to users, securing their privacy and online data protection is quite essential. This is where the need for a compatible VPN becomes visible.

VPN is the best option to avoid online threats and malware that keep coming while browsing your favorite websites, using public Wi-Fi networks, or engaging in online transactions. You can also bypass geographical restrictions to access banned applications like ChatGPT. So, to add an extra layer of security in Windows 11 and to become anonymous online, use the best free VPN for Windows 11.

List of Best Free VPN for Windows 11

To make your Windows 11 experience more secure and safe, here we have shared the top 4 best free VPN for Windows 11. You can use all of them for free for a limited time, so without waiting any further, let’s get into it:


NordVPN is a popular VPN tool used by over 14 million users. While it is your privacy and is compatible with Windows 11, you can also enjoy its features on Mac, iOS, Linux, and also on Android TV. To bypass geographical restrictions and to be anonymous while browsing, NordVPN offers over 5000 fast and secure servers among which 1970+ are located in the USA.

Furthermore, it offers various amazing benefits like:

  • Double VPN
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Browser Proxy Extension
  • Strict No Logs Policy
  • Next-generation Encryption

So, to enjoy all these benefits and enhance the security of your Windows 11, subscribe to the NordVPN premium version. Currently, there are 3 plans offered by the platform- Standard at $2.99/month, Plus at $3.99/month, and Complete at $4.99/month. However, instead of buying if you want to try NordVPN for free, check out its 7-day free trial option or use its 30-day money-back policy.

Proton VPN

Proton VPN is quite popular among users as it offers secure VPN servers to hide your real IP address at zero price. Using its 3000+ fast and secure servers available in 65+ countries, you can avoid any trackers and even bypass censorship to access websites that are banned in your country securely.

Here are some of its amazing features:

  • Mask Your IP
  • Swiss Privacy
  • No-logs Policy
  • Net-Shield Ad-blocker
  • DNS Leak Protection
  • Tor Over VPN

While you can enjoy its high-speed VPN services for free, there are many other advantages available with its premium version. There are two premium versions of Proton VPN- Proton VPN Plus at 9.99/month and Proton Unlimited at 12.99/month.  


The next on the list- CyberGhost, a free VPN tool that helps you protect your privacy online. You can enjoy its high-speed network servers located in over 100 countries to access content on any device including Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Router, and Smart TV. So, if you are looking for a secure VPN tool within your pocket, then try CyberGhost for a free trial.

Check out below given features of CyberGhost:

  • Global VPN Servers (Streaming, Torrenting, and Gaming Optimized)
  • IP Masking
  • Ultra-Fast Speeds
  • Strong VPN Encryption
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support

Furthermore, to enjoy these benefits after the free trial, you need to subscribe to its premium version. The cost of the premium depends on every month- $12.99/month for 1 month, $6.99/month for 6 months, and $2.11/month for a 2-year plan.

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is one of the top VPN service providers popular among users and professionals alike. It works on an OpenVPN technology that ensures high speed and performance, seamless streaming, and gaming with no buffering. By using Hotspot Shield VPN, you can protect your identity from falling into the hands of governments, hackers, ISPs, etc. while browsing.

Below, we have shared additional benefits of Hotspot Shield VPN:

  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Ads
  • 3,200+ Servers in 70+ Countries
  • Connect Up To 5 Devices
  • 24/7 Live Tech Support

 While you can enjoy its secure servers and military-grade encryption for free, for more bandwidth and other additional features, you need to subscribe to Hotspot Shield premium versions. Currently, there are two variants of Hotspot Shield VPN- Premium at $7.99/month and Premium Family at $11.99/month.


As identity theft and fraud cases are rising day by day, protecting your identity has become so much more important. You can keep your physical info safe by attending a paper shredding event near you, however, protecting your identity online can be much more difficult. So, using a VPN tool that is secure as well as compatible with Windows 11, is the most efficient and effective solution available.

So, check out the list given above in the article and enjoy the benefits like high-speed servers, IP masking, 24/7 support, and protection of the data online from hackers, government authorities, etc. You can try them for free and continue if you find them useful. The need for a compatible best free VPN for Windows 11 is real, it is a shield that protects the users in this digital evolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Windows 11 Have a Free VPN?

Windows 11 offers a standard VPN client service, but, you need to provide your server details to use them. While this VPN service is useful for common connection protocols, to use many other benefits of a VPN service, try the best free VPN for Windows 11.

Are Free VPNs Safe?

You can use a free VPN tool to protect your privacy. However, not all the free VPN tools are safe and reliable, they may access your personal information and use it for multiple purposes. So, to secure your identity upgrade your free VPN or use a free paid VPN service.

Why use a free VPN?

To get a secure environment while browsing and keeping your history and online activity private, using the best free VPN for Windows 11 is the best choice. Avoid any kind of trackers, third-party advertisers, hackers, etc., use a VPN service now.

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