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But wait. Who is this bitboy crypto? A question that has been running around the mind of a lot of people. Primarily of those, who are directly or indirectly involved in the crypto world. So, guys today we will discuss the best in business, bitboy crypto. Sometimes controversial yet much respected and knowledgeable influencer and investor in the crypto world.

What or who is Bitboy crypto?

No guys, bitboy crypto is not a cryptocurrency. He is a 39-years-old guy much more like all of us, yet very special. His real name is Ben Armstrong who Founded the “Bitboy Crypto” website and YouTube channel. Born on 27 October 1982, he is considered one of the biggest YouTubers, podcasters, crypto enthusiasts who work hard to educate and inform the crypto community about everything that’s happening in the crypto world.

It is said that Bitboy crypto AKA Ben Armstrong is involved in the crypto world since 2012. That is when he made his first bitcoin investment. Unfortunately, he lost his entire investment in the Mt. Gox hack. 

In 2018, Ben Armstrong decided to become a full-time crypto investor and influencer. His primary focus was to channel all his energy and focus into understanding cryptocurrencies and sharing the knowledge with other people around the world. He felt that it was very difficult at that time for any individual to get enough knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain. That’s when he analysed the opportunity and got the first movers’ advantage which worked in his favour. Today he owns multiple educational labs having deep knowledge about cryptos/blockchain, and millions of followers.

What is the net worth of Bitboy crypto?

Since he is such a big influencer and has millions of followers, it’s very difficult to predict his net worth. However, considering his investments and successful YouTube career, the estimated net worth is expected to be somewhere around 1.2 million USD.  

More about bitboy crypto AKA Ben Armstrong

Ever since he started his YouTube channel in 2018. He has become one of the most trustable and recognized youtuber for crypto-related news. Over the last 2 years, Bitboy crypto has started evolving as a brand after a successful career. The brand now holds a separate news division for crypto-related news. Further, a dedicated website was launched with the name The website aims at educating the public on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. It also provides a different perspective on the news than many readers get from traditional crypto news sources. Bitboy crypto has become a must-go-to option for all crypto enthusiasts. 

As per sources received from yahoo finance, Bitboy crypto recently commented “When I started this channel three years ago, my mission was to simply be the resource I didn’t have when I got started in cryptocurrency. Crypto changed my life: it gave me financial freedom, allowed me to provide for my family, presented a path for me to start my own business with an amazing team, and have fun along the way. Ultimately, my mission was to help educate people in this space so they could achieve their personal goals. Fortunately, I have been able to do that and help more people than I could have ever imagined possible, thanks to the Bitsquad. Thank you, BIA for assembling a cohort of influencers in space and recognizing the hard work we’re all doing, and thank you to the other influencers—a rising tide lifts all seas. I’m looking forward to continuing to provide value for my followers!”

And let me tell you, whenever I read the aforesaid comment of our very own Bitboy, it makes me feel all his hard work and dedication. Whatever he has put in all these years is finally paying him off well. 

Bitboy Crypto Recent Achievements 

Last year on 13th Dec 2021, the blockchain influencers awards were held at the D-Central Miami conference during art Basel week. The program aims at recognizing prominent social media influences in the field of cryptocurrency and blockchain. The nominations are finalized through an open voting system.

Ben Armstrong and his team won six out of the total 10 awards which were distributed at the aforesaid blockchain influencers award. This includes the award for the best daily show around blockchain, and the Most education & funniest influencer award for the second and third time respectively in a row. This clearly shows his dominance in the crypto world. and the support which he receives from his followers all over the world. 

Is bitboy crypto banned?

A few months ago, news flashed in the crypto world and spread like wildfire. The same was regarding the ban of Bitboy YouTube channel. Later on, it was found out that the said YouTube channel was taken down by officials of YouTube. Bitboy took the matter to Twitter and Instagram about the ban which he received from YouTube. He posted on Twitter and Instagram stating that his ban occurred due to censorship and an unfair crackdown on crypto content, which he described as having gone too far.

Once he posted about his channel ban on Twitter and Instagram, the followers of Bitboy caused an uproar. His tweet was liked and retweeted by thousands of his followers. As a result of the immediate support he received from followers, the canal was reinstated within the next few days only. This probably shows the power of his influence, loyal followers, and social media. 

Bitboy crypto official accounts, website, and YouTube channel

  • Bitboy crypto official website –
  • Bitboy crypto Twitter handle- @Bitboy_Crypto (
  • Bitboy crypto Instagram – @bitboy_crypto (
  • Bitboy crypto LinkedIn- BitBoy Crypto (
  • Bitboy crypto YT channel – BitBoy Crypto (

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