Meta Threads VS Twitter: 10 Factors You Should Know

Meta Threads vs Twitter

Threads, a new conversational and text-based application, was introduced by Meta on July 5, 2024. With over 100 million sign-ups in just five days, it has surpassed ChatGPT’s previous record and shown massive user growth.

Threads introduced itself as a positive, level political, better moderated, and more entertaining place for joining public conversations. While Threads is still a work in progress, many people compared Twitter with Meta Threads and pointed out a few similarities.

However, some unique features still differentiate Meta threads from Twitter. So, stay tuned to the article as we will explore “Meta Threads VS Twitter” excitingly while discussing the amazing features of both applications.

Meta Threads and Twitter

Twitter has faced many changes and an uncertain position since Elon Musk became CEO in October 2022. Restrictions like rate limits, character limits, items adding limits, etc., and many engineers’ layoffs have put Twitter in the dark limelight. These major changes in Twitter have opened up a new opportunity for Mark Zuckerburg, resulting in Meta Threads’ development.

Instagram Threads was developed as an extension of Instagram, which helped them to get a large user base in less time. Meta Threads and Twitter offer an engaging way to share text updates and join public conversations. While both applications offer a similar layout and structure and allow users to share photos and videos along with text-based content, there are many differences between the two. To give an overview of both applications, we have discussed Meta Threads VS Twitter further in the article.

Meta Threads VS Twitter: What is the Difference?

While Meta Threads was considered a rival of Twitter because of many similarities, some differences stand out in both applications in their way. Some of these factors are shared below, which may help you to find the right answer to Meta Threads VS Twitter:

Number of Users

Meta Threads works as an extension of Instagram, which helps it get into the eyes of over 2.35 billion monthly active Instagram users without spending on promotions or social media campaigns. However, Twitter has around 450 million monthly active users, from which 237.8 million users are monetizable making it the biggest place for sharing narratives and text-based content.


Meta Threads, an app-based microblogging platform, is available in over 100 countries, excluding the European Union, China, Iran, Russia, and 63 other countries. However, you can use VPN for Meta Threads to surpass geo-blocking restrictions and access the app from anywhere in the world.

In comparison, Twitter has considered a worldwide platform. However, many countries, like China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc., temporarily or permanently blocked access to Twitter for various reasons.

Content Limits

There is a limit to the content you can post on both applications. You can share a text post with up to 500 characters on Meta Threads, whereas on Twitter, the limit will reduce to 240 characters for a basic account. If you are a blue subscriber of Twitter, then you can tweet up to 25,000 characters. Both apps allow you to share images, videos, GIFs, and links in the posts. However, Twitter limits shared items to four in your post, whereas you can share up to 10 items on Threads.

User Interface

Meta Threads and Twitter have a similar user interface for sharing text updates and a way to react and retweet or reshare posts. However, while Twitter depends on hashtags for reach and virality of the tweet, Threads rely on the number of reactions to the centers for virality and reach to the relevant people.

Deactivation the Account

You can deactivate your Twitter account for whatever reason by choosing the “deactivate my account” option from “Your Account” in the settings. However, deactivating the Threads account can be difficult as it is linked to Instagram. So, to leave the platform, you may also quit Instagram. The only choice is to delete the Instagram Threads application to stop using it.

Scheduling Posts

Twitter also provides features to schedule your posts with the Tweetdeck interface. In contrast, Threads doesn’t have any scheduling feature. While you can use Meta Business Suite to schedule your posts or stories on Instagram, Threads will be required to integrate with the tool.

NSFW Content

NSFW content has become a huge part of the art of content creation in all industries. Many NSFW AI art generators from the text are used to produce NSFW artwork and share them on different social media platforms.

Threads community guidelines and content policies are similar to Instagram. These policies prohibit any NSFW content on the platforms. Some types of content are technically allowed on the forum which can violate public sentiments and will never be promoted by the algorithms due to their controversial nature.

On the other hand, Twitter has permissive policies around NSFW content which approves nudity or sexual content on the platform. However, you can turn off sensitive Twitter content to avoid NSFW content.

Direct Messaging

One of the unique features of Twitter is it allows you to slide into someone’s DM and lets you have a 1-on-1 private conversation. You can also share media like images, GIFs, links, etc., and text messages on Twitter. Threads don’t provide any direct messaging feature. One of the main reasons for this can be its usage along with Instagram and other Meta messaging applications.

Twitter is a leading microblogging app and website available worldwide. One of its main reasons is Twitter allows you to search for trending news, keywords, people, hashtags, usernames, etc. However, Meta Threads only will enable you to search for accounts, which limits its search capability.


Meta Threads offers basic feed options to users. You can only see posts of users you follow or random trending posts. It does not provide any option to customize the feed. On the other hand, Twitter has many unique choices for customizing the feed in your way. It allows you to watch content strictly followed by you by just choosing “Following”, and if you want to see relevant content, especially for you, you can select the “For You” option.

Above are some of the notable differences between Threads from Instagram and Twitter. You can choose the right microblogging platform according to your needs with the help of the above information.

Meta Threads VS Twitter: Which Social Media Platform is Best?

While Threads has gained over 100 million users in only five days, Twitter is one of the most reliable microblogging platforms with over 450 million monthly active users. There are many similar kinds of features in both applications. However, Threads cannot become a replacement for Twitter as many parts are still in work and evolving day by day.

In our opinion, using Twitter to share text-based content and join public conversations will be the right choice as it offers many amazing features like direct messaging, customizable feed, trending search of hashtags and people, scheduled posts, easy deactivation of accounts, worldwide access, etc. You can use the Twitter bot checker to emphasize the importance of genuine interactions on Twitter.

On the other hand, Threads doesn’t have any of these special features which can give any competition to Twitter. But it doesn’t mean Threads is bad and has no future; it is evolving continuously and may introduce several unique features to the application.


In the end, both Meta Threads and Twitter have their benefits and limitations. While Twitter offers features like customized feeds, searching trending news, keywords or hashtags, direct messaging, easy deactivation of accounts, worldwide audience, etc. Threads from Instagram have limited features as it is still in the initial phase.

Twitter has been one of the biggest social media platforms for sharing text updates and public conversation for decades. In contrast, Instagram Threads is still customizing and working on new features in the app. So, it is up to your needs to choose the perfect platform between the two of the world’s most interesting places for public conversations and text-based content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Meta Threads Replacing Twitter?

Threads and Twitter are app-based microblogging platforms that allow you to share text updates and join public conversations. However, many of the Meta Threads features are still in process. Still, as the app evolves, it is in progress with Twitter.

Which is Better, Threads from Instagram or Twitter?

Meta Threads and Twitter are two different applications working on similar communication needs. While Twitter is a platform for smaller and more interactive conversations, Threads allow users to share longer text updates and narratives.

What is the use of Threads from Instagram?

Instagram Threads is a microblogging platform that allows users to share text-based content up to 500 characters in a post. You can also share up to 10 media items like images, GIFs, links, etc.

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