Free Shred a Thon Near Me 2022

Shred a Thon Near Me

For all those who are looking for a free shred a Thon Near me 2022 we conduct a data. The mentioned schedule will help you to shred thon a Thon 2022 near me. Most of the events are scheduled in October. The events are organized to keep all the personal details and documents safe from the users. The events help thousands of users to safely and securely dispose of private and sensitive information. To know about every upcoming shred a Thon near me event explore the pages below. 

If you want to know about the event organize to shred a Thon then check back the updated and specific updates.

Upcoming Shred-a-Thons 2022 Near Me

DateProviderLocationType of Event
09/24/2022 08:00 AM – 12:00 PMAG’s OfficeTucsonShred-A-Thon
10/08/2022 08:00 AM – 12:00 PMAG’s OfficeYumaShred-A-Thon
10/22/2022 08:00 AM – 12:00 PMAG’s OfficePhoenixShred-A-Thon
12/10/2022 08:00 AM – 12:00 PMAG’s OfficeChandlerShred-A-Thon

What to bring in Shred a Thon near me Events 2022?

During the time of shredding a thon you can bring the following documents to the event. The Shred A Thon near me will easily shred of:-

  • Confidential Documents and Records
  • Medical Documents
  • Bank Information
  • Tax Documents
  • Credit Card Statements

What not to bring during the Shred a Thon events 2022?

If you want to attend the shred a thon event then you must avoid the below-mentioned things. You are not allowed to bring the following items for shredding.

  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Hanging File Folders
  • Cardboard
  • Electronics

When will be upcoming Shred A Thon events is announced?

If you want to attend the Shred a Thon events then the upcoming event is on Saturday, October 8, 2022. 

When and where you can join Free Shred a Thon Events?

As we mentioned above that the shred a thon event is announced on October 8, 2022. The timing of the event is from 8:00 am to noon. You have to bring your documents to 200 Jefferson County Parkway in Golden.

What Guidelines do You need to Follow for Free Shred a Thon Events?

  • All the visitors are requested to bring and show their driver’s license when they attend the free shred a thon events.
  • While attending the events free shred thin the limit is of 4 file size cardboard boxes or reusable bins per vehicle. Plastic and garbage bags are not allowed.
  • If you want to add any other bags then 3 bags will be accepted with the donation of $5. ( The donation amount will help the Police Explorer Program).
  • Keep in mind that the box must be larger than 15x12x10 and must be in a trunk. 

Conclusion – Free Shred A Thon 2022 Near Me

The free shredding events are announced to abolish all the important unwanted documents easily. With the help of these documents, you can easily shred papers without spending a single penny. So, attend the Free shred a thon events 2022 to shred off all the documents easily.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Free Shred a Thon Near Me

How do you destroy large amounts of papers?

With the help of the free paper shredding events near me, you can easily shred off papers. Doesn’t matter how many papers whether in bulk or little amount. Anyone can shred many pages due to these events.

Is there any other Alternative to Papers Shredding?

Yes, You can also use other shredding ways to dispose of papers at home.

How do destroy old Bank Documents?

With the help of the free paper shredding events, users can easily destroy old bank documents and others too.

Should I shred 20 year old bank statements?

Doesn’t matter how old papers are you can shred them any time.

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