Best Free Video Editing Software For Beginners in 2024

Video Editing Software For Beginners

If you are new in the video editing field then might be you looking for the best free video editing software for beginners. Because as of now you are not willing to pay a huge amount for learn a new skill.

When you look for the best & free one then you will find limited options. So, from those limited free video editing software for beginners, we conducted a list of the best 6.

The mentioned best 6 free video editing software for beginners is easy to use and popular due to its amazing features.

How To Choose a Video Editor For Beginners?

When selecting free video editing software, there are several things to consider. What you want to use it for is in the first place. 

Any of the programs on our list will work well if it’s for non-commercial projects like working on a school assignment or producing your own holiday video. However, some free applications, like VideoPad, don’t enable this at all if you require it for commercial work, while others, like Kinemaster, add watermarks, making them inappropriate for such uses. 

Your level of experience also matters. If you’ve done video editing before, especially professionally, you’ll want a variety of high-end options at your disposal.

List of Best Free Video Editing Software For Beginners 2024

Among the huge list of free video editing software for beginners, we find the top 6 with the reason why these are the best to use. If you are video content creator then you can use any of them to add text to reels if your want.

So, explore them and use the relevant on according to your need and work. 

  1. VideoPad
  2. Lightworks
  3. iMovie
  4. Kinemaster
  5. Openshot
  6. Shotcut

VideoPad – Easy To Use Video Editing For Beginners

VideoPad is a fantastic free video editing software for beginners choice. With VideoPad, you may experiment with various video compositions and styles thanks to a variety of straightforward and user-friendly tools, including 3D video editing and a sound effects library.

As well as color grading software correction and sound effects, you may edit your movies with special effects, overlays, texts, and transitions. Then simply export all of your completed movies to Google Drive, YouTube, Facebook, and other mobile platforms.

VideoPad offers a high degree of audio flexibility, which makes it a fantastic option for movie scenes that depend on audio effects.

Features Of VideoPad

  • For simple and intuitive editing, there are two built-in screens (one to preview selected clips, the other to preview the entire sequence). 
  • Exporting presets makes it simple to create video files that are optimized for a variety of networks and upload them right from the software. 
  • Tools available for optimizing videos.
  • Online publishing and sharing solutions for social media that allow for quick video sharing.
  • Transitions that are pre-made and editable for polished professionalism.
  • A vast collection of graphic effects and video transitions for customizing videos.
  • The software is compatible with windows and macOS.

Why You Should Buy VideoPad?

In this software, users will get 3D video editing plus sound mixing plus excellent shareability.

Reason To Avoid:

  • Deficient in modern features 
  • Creating a slideshow isn’t free.

Lightworks – Simple To Learn Video Editor

Lightworks is an easy-to-use interface that makes getting started a breeze. Lightworks is one of the more approachable and simple-to-learn Linux video editing software solutions on this list. It is a video editor program that provides a selection of in-depth video training. 

Even if you’re a free user, the colour-correcting capabilities and built-in video effects are very stunning and unrestricted. 

Lightworks features a library of unique stock movies and audio clips that are authorized for use in any videos you edit using the platform, enabling you to give any marketing video a professional appearance.

What are the Features Of Lightworks?

  • Wide-ranging video format support.
  • High-quality, straightforward trim tools for quick, accurate video editing.
  • For synchronizing clips from many cameras, use multicam editing. 
  • Real-time collaboration on projects with complete control over who has editing access 
  • Fast video export to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram allows for easy sharing of videos while allowing you to continue editing while adding new content.
  • System availability: macOS, Windows and Linux

How Much Does Lightworks Cost? 

  • Free with intermediate features.
  • $24.99 per month for the Premium version.

Reason To Buy Lightworks

  • Even if you’re a free user, the color-correcting capabilities and built-in video effects are very stunning and unrestricted.
  • Excellent User Interface.

Reason Why Users Avoid Using Lightworks?

  • Export options are limited in the free version.


The drag-and-drop interface of iMovie makes it easy to transfer files from your drive to your desktop. It’s a simple approach to creating effective films that can help your YouTube marketing efforts. 

The fact that iMovie files are saved in Apple’s cloud allows you to work on your movie interchangeably on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, which is a major benefit. Additionally, iMovie is regularly updated, so you can anticipate fresh additions and enhancements at all times. 

The fact that iMovie never pesters you to upgrade to a premium edition is one of its best features. There is no upselling; you get what you see. 

Don’t use a Mac? There is a built-in video editor for Windows that has many of the same functions.

Features User Will Find In LightWorks

  • Working on the same project from your iPad, iPhone, and Mac thanks to cloud storage.
  • For specific movie genres like Westerns and science fiction, stylish, modern video filters have been created. 
  • Numerous studio-quality title animations for credits that look professional.
  • Support for 4K resolution, enabling users to produce movies with cinematic quality.
  • Built-in audio recording for voiceovers, sound effects, and music ensures that your sound and image editing is always consolidated. 
  • You can adjust the speed of fast-paced action scenes and slow down the speed of sports highlights.
  • It is free-to-use software you do need to pay an extra amount to use its video editing features.
  • The software is only compatible with macOS.

Why Do Users Prefer Lightworks?

  • Simple to create something beautiful.
  • Excellent for audio 
  • Already installed on your system

Reason To Avoid Lightworks

  • The software is only compatible with macOS so if you are not a Mac user then you cannot use it.


The best free video editing programs for beginners on PC and mobile devices 

A video editor that is particularly for editing videos for your Android or iPhone is Kinemaster, which helps you increase clicks, likes, and shares on your social networking sites. 

Users may quickly edit, improve, and share videos with KineMaster.

Features Of KineMaster

  • User interface that is adaptable.
  • Effects for keyframe animation in motion.
  • Video recording choice in 4K 2160p at 30FPS.
  • Various voiceovers and effects for audio enhancement.
  • Slow motion for dramatic effect.
  • Tools for your videos’ blending, cutting, and mixing.
  • The software is free to use
  • System availability: Window, ios, Android,macOS, Chromebook

Why You Should Buy KineMaster?

  • Alternatives for multi-platform blending. 
  • Project cloud backup.

Why Users Are Avoiding the Use Of KineMaster?

  • Watermarks. 
  • Slow on low-end devices


OpenShot is a fantastic video editing software for beginners because of its simple user interface. While more complicated software might provide more editing options, OpenShot’s simple design and user-friendly interface make it ideal for straightforward editing. 

Small businesses can effectively use OpenShot, which works well for clip resizing, scaling, cropping, snapping, and rotation. Additionally, it provides a real-time preview, audio editing, frame stepping, time mapping, and credit scrolling.

Features Of OpenShot

  • Templates for customizable title cards. 
  • Countless layers for music files, background videos, and watermarks. 
  • Brightness, gamma, hue, greyscale, and chroma key compositing for green-screen effects are examples of digital video effects. 
  • Ability to create animated films with key-frame animation. 
  • Drag-and-drop capability makes it simple to include music, video, or image files.
  • System availability: Windows, macOS, Linux

Reason To Buy Openshot

  • No watermarks.
  • Amazing User Interface.

Reason To Avoid Openshot

  • Lagging.
  • Slow response and glitches.


Shotcut is a free video editing software for beginners program for editors. It really does suggest that it occasionally has bugs, but overall, it’s a fairly reliable piece of software that appears on practically all lists of the “Best Video Editing Software” available. 

Shotcut is incredibly useful for combining different files because it supports hundreds of video and audio formats.

With drag-and-drop file management, gathering all the materials for your masterful social video is simple. 

Shotcut is perfect for audiophiles because it offers a wide range of audio editing possibilities. Users can tweak the bass and treble, create bandpass filters, change the gain, apply dynamic compression, and many other audio parameters with its wealth of fine-tuning tools.

Features Of Shotcut

  • Multimedia framework via FFmpeg 
  • Export in many different formats 
  • Modifying a timeline 
  • Advanced Sound filters 
  • Assistance with AV1 coding
  • System availability: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Why You Should Buy Shotcut?

  • Adaptable, user-friendly interface.
  • Several filters and effects.
  • Great support for file formats.

Reason To Avoid:

  •  Less effective for advanced projects.

Conclusion – Free Video Editing Software For Beginners

Videopad is one of the best free video editing software for beginners 2024. Because of its easy-to-use features and compatibility. It is easy to use and work according to the beginners need. The features and interface of the software is easy to manager.

Boost your content marketing efforts. The creative potential of the marketing videos for your brand is unlimited with the above choices in free video editing software.

Additionally, video editing software contributes to the development of your brand’s image by producing mobile-friendly visuals.


Can I Upgrade My Free Video Editing Software?

Yes, you can upgrade it if the paid subscription of the software is available.

Can I Learn Video Editing Myself?

Yes, with the help of the tutorial videos and easy to use video editing software you can learn video editing.

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