How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost

Hello guys, we all know how important is document shredding. Especially for the people who are highly dependent on hard copy documents due to their business or profession. Professionals or businesses who are involved in highly sensitive work are more prone to data theft. This is why paper shredding becomes so important in the day-to-day life of any individual. But the main question which arises here is “How much does mobile shredding Cost”?

Mobile Shredding or On-Site Shredding will cost you anywhere between $100-$300. This purely depends upon the location you live in and the total shredding load you have. The option is ideal for shredding loads up to 300 pounds. The shredding truck is sent to your location and the job is done right in front of your eyes. We’ll discuss more of the same in detail later.

What is Mobile Shredding?

Since we now got a basic idea about, how much does mobile shredding costs? Let us understand what mobile shredding is. It is nothing but a very aggressive approach to getting confidential documents shredded. Mobile-Shredding or On-site shredding is a process in which a shredding truck is hired by a client at a specific location. This is where all the paper documents are disposed of in the shredding truck and destroyed directly in front of the client. This shredding facility is beneficial for those individuals or businesses who work with highly sensitive documents. They witness the shredding job right in front of their eyes. This results in peace of mind for them.

Usually, mobile shredding will cost you anywhere between $100-$300. However, the same also depends upon your location. You can shred up to 300 pounds of documents through on-site shredding. Also, if you are an individual, you can consider asking your neighbours to participate in the documents shredding and can split the bill with them. Since you already know how much does mobile shredding cost. Your life gets much easier.

Benefits of Mobile Shredding or On-Site shredding

There are various benefits of on-site shredding. A list of such benefits is given below: –

  • Your documents are shredded right in front of you, at your premises. This gives users peace of mind.
  • Your documents are never hand-sorted or directly handled by a technician. This eliminates the risk of data theft.
  • Your material is mixed with the documents of various other users or companies. The documents are then pressed and shredded completely. This makes it impossible for the documents to get restored.
  • You get a certificate of destruction at the end of the process. It states that the shredding process was completed in compliance with privacy laws.

Once you know how much does mobile shredding cost. Life gets much easier. This is because you can easily choose the type of shredding service you want basis your budget.

Difference Between Mobile Shredding and Off-Site Shredding

The off-site shredding method is an alternative to mobile shredding. But unlike the mobile-shredding, documents are not shredded at the premises of the client. In Off-site shredding, a truck is sent to the location of the client by the shredding facility for the collection of document boxes. These boxes are then collected and transferred to the nearest shredding facility.

The entire shredding takes place at the premises of the shredding facility and a certificate of destruction is issued post completion of the job.

Off-site shredding is usually beneficial for those users, who just want to get rid of their documents safely and securely. Even though they can’t witness their documents getting shredded, the job is still done in an entire secure manner. Off-site will allow you to shred documents of more than 300 pounds and will cost you less than mobile-shredding will. Now that you know how much does mobile shredding cost as well as how much does off-site shredding cost. You can consider choosing either of the shredding service basis your requirement.

How to Choose the Best Shredding Service?

Now that you know how much does mobile shredding cost. You can easily compare the same with other types of shredding services like off-site shredding, drop-off shredding, ship ‘n’ shred, etc. You can consider choosing the shredding service basis the below recommendations: –

  • If your shredding load is up to 300 pounds and you want to witness the documents shredding. Consider opting for mobile shredding. This will cost you a few extra bucks but will provide you with mental peace.
  • If your shredding load is more than 300 pounds and you just want to get the job done easily and securely. You can consider opting for an off-site shredding service. This will be cheaper as compared to on-site or mobile shredding.
  • If your shredding load is very less and you just want to get rid of the same securely. You can consider drop-off shredding. You just need to travel to the nearest shredding facility and drop off your documents there. This will cost you around $1 per pound.
  • If you want to get your documents shredded but can’t travel to the shredding facility. You can opt for ship ‘n’ shred. The shredding facility or courier service will collect and drop your documents at the desired shredding service office as per the scheduled appointment. This is where your documents will get destroyed.
  • If you are overwhelmed after checking how much does mobile shredding cost? You can also consider searching “where to shred paper for free” or “free paper shredding events near me”. These events will allow you to get rid of a limited amount of documents free of cost.

Which Shredding Facility to choose?

We have already discussed mobile shredding and related aspects. Now, the next thing to decide is which shredding facility to choose. The answer will vary based on the location and preference of every user. If you simply search for the cheapest shredding services near me, you will see multiple shredding facilities in your locality. Consider choosing the one which provides you with the best service at a reasonable price.

Iron mountain shredding near me is considered one of the best shredding facilities. We visited PROSHRED Shredding events near Kansas and AARP free shredding events near me as well. Both of them were quite promising and can be considered for paid mobile-shredding service too. Ultimately the choice lies in the hands of the customer.

Conclusion- How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost?

In the above article, we discussed how much does mobile shredding cost. We discussed in brief regarding mobile-shredding and compared it with other shredding services. We also discussed the benefits associated with the service and how to choose the same. In the end, we also explained the various shredding facilities which are best in our opinion.

You can consider choosing any of the shredding facility basis on your preference. If you face any challenges, you can connect with the service provider directly for better clarification. Still, if you have any concerns, feel free to write to us. We’ll check and get back to you at the earliest

Frequently Asked Questions- How Much Does Mobile-Shredding Cost?

How much does it cost to get shredded?

On average, the shredding will cost you around $1 per pound. However, this will also depend upon the type of service and shredding facility you choose.

Can I shred personal documents?

Shredding is usually done for personal documents only. Any kinds of documents which contains sensitive information that is not required anymore must be shredded. This is done to avoid identity theft or related losses.

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