Iron Mountain Shredding Near Me 2024- On-Site Paper Shredding Services

Iron Mountain Shredding Near Me

Iron mountain shredding near me is probably the best shredding service available nearby your locality. If you are suffering from a data breach or identity theft issue, you must search for iron mountain shredding near me. Iron mountain paper shredding provides the best paper shredding service for both individuals as well as big organizations. Doesn’t matter if you want to shred only a few sheets or if you have big boxes of documents to be shredded. Iron mountain shredding got you covered.

Let’s face it. Our personal documents contain a lot of sensitive information. Information that can be stolen and used against us. Every year, The USA itself faces losses worth millions of dollars due to identity theft. Can’t put more emphasis on why paper shredding is so important. Iron mountain shredding services are exactly what you need to get rid of all such problems easily. We shall discuss in more detail, why should you choose iron mountain shredding services to get your documents shredded so stay tuned.

How Much Does Iron Mountain Charge for Shredding?

Now that we understood why iron mountain shredding near me is the best choice. We now need to understand how much iron mountain charge for shredding. But before discussing the Iron Mountain shredding cost, let’s discuss other associated aspects so that you can understand the entire situation clearly.

We all know that commerce is a reality in today’s world. Every business needs funds to operate in the market. Even though various free paper shredding events near me are organized every month. Still, we need to understand that free shredding services come at a cost. Free paper shredding events are anticipated by a lot of people. Also, it isn’t easy to find many in each and every locality. Some might find the events right next door. Whereas, some had to travel miles to take benefit from such free shredding events. Also, a lot of crowd makes it quite difficult for many senior citizens, as well as other citizens. This is where Iron Mountain shredding near me comes in handy. Iron mountain shredding cost is very reasonable. A brief explanation of what Iron Mountain charges for shredding is given below.

Iron Mountain Shredding Prices

Iron mountain shredding costs vary basis the type of service you are opting for. Also, it depends on the number of documents you are getting shredded. These services and associate shredding charges are given below: –

Bulk Paper Shredding (Iron Mountain Express)

  • This is a one-time shredding service that is charged 99 USD for 1 to 5 boxes.
  • This is an off-site service where Iron Mountain shredding services will pick up the boxes from your location and will shred the documents at the closest Iron Mountain document shredding facility.
  • The company offers pickup within 5 days of the purchase being made.
  • After purchase, you shall be able to call Iron Mountain secure shredding services to discuss the schedule for pick up as per your availability.
  • The box size must be 15 x 12 x 10 i.e., 1.2 cubic feet approx.
  • You will get an extra discount if the number of boxes is higher with a max allowance of 151 to 200 boxes charged at 1019 USD.

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Residential Shredding

  • The cost of the resident Iron Mountain shredding service depends upon the requirements of the customer.
  • For only a few papers or one box or less, customers can locate and visit the nearest Iron Mountain partner location to drop off their documents for shredding.
  • For more than one box, customers can contact Iron Mountain’s secure shredding services to arrange direct pickup.
  • Customers can go to the website and get a free quote for Iron Mountain shredding charges easily.

Paper shredding events for seniors

Other Shredding Services

  • Iron Mountain paper shredding company also organizes various free shredding events from time to time.
  • Iron Mountain shredding company also provides services such as IT assets disposition etc.
  • Iron Mountain shredding bins company also provide services such as secure storage & logistic, cloud storage & migration, Digital storage service, etc.
  • All these services are available online on the site of Iron Mountain Shredding Services

Hope the above-mentioned description helps you understand the services provided by Iron Mountain shredding near me and the Iron Mountain shredding bins cost. It also has the best paper shredding machine under $100.

How is Iron Mountain Shredding Secure?

Iron Mountain has been serving various individuals as well as organizations for the last 55 years. The company consists of over 20,000 employees. The customer base of Iron Mountain shredding service is spread across 37 countries and 5 continents. Below mentioned points also clarify why shredding through Iron Mountain shredding services is secure:

  • Over 73000 customers across North America rely on Iron Mountain Shredding services.
  • Iron Mountain shred approx. 40,000-pound material per month through their secured shredding service network.
  • Iron Mountain recycling facility helps in saving around 4 million trees every year
  • Locked containers and bins are kept in iron Mountain shredding facilities so that documents can be kept secure
  • All containers and bins are tagged with unique live QR codes so that entire details regarding document pick up and drop can be kept in an audit trail
  • The documents when picked up are kept in a locked container until they arrive at Iron Mountain shredding service so that information can be kept secure
  • The documents are shredded through a two-way process. First, the papers are cut into strips. Further, they are cross shredded to ensure complete destruction.
  • The shredded papers are sent to a pulping mill for recycling
  • Iron Mountain provides a certificate of destruction to each customer along with the monthly invoice.
  • Customer can also witness their documents being shredded through a closed-circuit television system.
  • All the visitors including employees had to provide their original ID cards to visit the shredding premises.
  • CCTV surveillance is available at all shredding services to ensure complete confidentiality.
  • All the employees go through a proper background check before joining the firm.

All the above-mentioned reasons clearly help us understand why Iron Mountain shredding services are the best when it comes to security. The security scanning, checks, and process clearly make them the most secure and reliable shredding service provider.

What are the Benefits of Iron Mountain Shredding?

We have already discussed various details about Iron Mountain shredding near me. There are various benefits associated with Iron Mountain shredding services. A few of them are given below:

  • Iron Mountain shredding service provides global reach to customers
  • They are suitable for both individuals as well as big organizations
  • They assure the most secured shredding and also provide certificates of destruction resulting in peace of mind for the customer
  • The service can be booked online and documents can be picked up from the customer’s preferred location
  • Customers can also visit the closest Iron Mountain shredding facility to drop off their documents for shredding
  • Free quotes can be acquired from the website itself.
  • Iron Mountain shredding charges are very reasonable.

Hope the above-mentioned benefits are evident enough for you to understand the kind of service Iron Mountain shredding service provide. If you want to shred paper in bulk then use the best 12-sheet paper shredder in your budget.

Conclusion – Iron Mountain Paper Shredding

The above article discussed all around Iron Mountain shredding near me. The company provides an all-around document shredding experience to its customers. Easy to say that Iron Mountain shredding provides the best and most reasonable service to its customers. Still, if you need any additional clarification, you can directly visit their website or write to us and we’ll try to provide you with the answer at the earliest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the closest iron mountain onsite shredding station near 78928?

The 1818 Haynes Dr, Sun Prairie, WI 53590, United States is the nearest iron mountain onsite shredding station near 78928.

When is the next iron mountain shredding day in 2024?

For attending all the next events of Iron Mount you have to become a part of its by connecting with it.

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