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Free Paper Shredding Denver

A lot of free paper shredding Denver 2023 events are getting organized this year. The main reason behind organizing such events is to provide a secure paper shredding solution to the residents. Free paper shredding events have become more of a necessity nowadays.

With the growing crimes of identity theft and data theft, people are becoming more aware of the safe disposal of documents. This comes with an increasing demand for paper shredding events. Paper shredding service providers identify this as an opportunity to promote their services. In collaboration with local authorities, various free paper shredding Denver 2023 events are organized throughout the year.

If you are a citizen residing in Denver and looking for opportunities to dispose of your documents, you are at the right place. Today we’ll share with you the list of all upcoming free paper shredding Denver 2023 events.

All these events are getting organized in various locations in Denver. If you are looking for free paper shredding opportunities then consider checking the below list of free paper shredding Denver 2023 events and schedule your visit accordingly. A list of all these events is given below.

List of Free Paper Shredding Denver 2023 Events

Below is a list of upcoming free paper shredding Denver 2023 events. You can simply check the entire list and visit any of the free paper shredding events as per your preference. The terms and conditions (if any) are mentioned with the event details themselves to provide you with complete information.

Please note that we have added a few additional events as well from other nearby locations to provide you with additional options. The said list is as follows: –

September 16, 2023 (Free Document Shredding)

  • Timings: 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM
  • Venue: Wilcox Service Center
  • Address: 190 S. Wilcox St., Suite G, Castle Rock, CO 80104
  • Additional Info: Each person can bring a maximum of 2 banker boxes for shredding. No registration is required for this event.

October 28, 2023 (Shred-It Community Event)

  • Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM
  • Venue: 1500 E 128th Ave,
  • Address: 1500 E 128th Ave, Thornton, United States
  • Contact: Candace Stengel at 303.887.7969
  • Additional Info: Come at any time during the event with your trash bag or banker’s box of documents to shred (limit one box/bag). Do not Bring items including phonebooks, hardcover books, CDs, DVDs, hanging file folders, cardboard, electronics, etc.

Free Paper Shredding Event in Denver 2023 – City of Longmont Trash and Recycle

If you reside in Longmont, you can participate in Free Paper Shredding Events in Denver 2023 sponsored by the City of Longmont every month. Additional information regarding the Paper Shredding Events is mentioned below: –

  • The event timings will be 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • The event will be held at The Waste Diversion Center, located at 140 Martin Street.
  • This event is only for Longmont residents. You have to bring the current City of Longmont Utility bill and identification to show you are a city resident.
  • You can carry your sensitive and important documents whether you have a full bag or multiple boxes of documents. There is no limit.
  • Businesses and non-residents are not allowed.

Furthermore, the dates of Free Paper Shredding Events are mentioned below: –

  • Saturday, September 9, 2023
  • Saturday, October 7, 2023
  • Saturday, November 4, 2023
  • Saturday, December 2, 2023

PS: As per our research, the above-mentioned events are open to all. You can visit any of the aforesaid events to get your documents shredded for free. All the events are free except for the ones where donations are suggested or mandatory.
Though we have already provided the details wherever required, you are requested to please visit the organizers’ official website to know more about the events.

Where Can I Find Free Paper Shredding Services in Denver?

In Denver, you will find different paper shredding events according to your need. You can choose a paid and free paper shred community from the following options:-

  • Denver Public Library – Most of the time Denver Public Library provides paper shredding events throughout the year. To know about all the events that are organized by the company you only have to check the official website of it.
  • Local Community Events – Keep an eye on the local community events in your neighborhood clean-up days. In these events, you will learn about all the shredding facilities provided by the local community events.
  • Office Supply Stores – Some official offices in Denver announce paper shredding events in local areas through which you can simply shred multiple documents.
  • Annual Shred-A-Thons – Search for the shred-a-thon events organized by the company, businesses, nonprofit organizations & government agencies in Denver. They organize free paper shredding events in Denver to shred various documents.

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Merits of Free Paper Shredding Events Denver 2023

Free paper shredding Denver 2023 events comes with a lot of merits. Since we all know that the cases of data theft are increasing at a very rapid rate. Other than providing a free paper shredding opportunity to residents, the other merits of free paper shredding events in Denver 2023 are given below.

  • Free paper shredding events are free for the general public which helps them in getting the documents shredded for free.
  • Paper shredding events also educate the residents about the importance of the safe disposal of documents
  • This also helps paper shredding services to promote their business at a reasonable cost
  • The cases of data theft and identity theft get eliminated
  • People don’t have to worry about shredding documents at home
  • No need to invest in a paper shredder if free paper shredding events are organized nearby your locality
  •  This is an eco-friendly approach as shredded papers are often recycled
  • Donations generated through free paper shredding events are often used towards a general/social cause.

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Free Paper Shredding Events Richmond VA

Final Verdict- Free Paper Shredding Denver 2023

In the above article, we discussed free paper shredding Denver 2023 events. All these events are organized throughout Denver City. If you are a resident of Denver, you can simply visit any of the free paper shredding events free of cost and get your documents shredded easily.

Just check the schedule and timings of the events, and locate the one suitable for you. Collect the documents and put them in a box and visit the shredding location. Also, we encourage the visitors to donate whatever amount they can to the free paper shredding Denver 2023 events they are attending. This is because the money generated through such events is used towards a social cause.

Frequently Asked Questions- Free Paper Shredding Denver 2023

Where to shred paper for free in 2023? / Free paper shredding events near me in 2023?

We have provided details regarding various upcoming free paper shredding Denver 2023 events. You can visit any of the aforesaid events to get your documents shredded.

Are all paper shredding events free?

Paper shredding events are often free and are organized for the welfare of society. Also, a few donation-based events are organized by various service providers to raise funds for a social cause.

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