Paper Shredder Costco 2024 – Top 3 Paper Shredder Costco

Paper Shredder Costco

Paper shredder Costco is very easy to find. Costco warehouse offers various home-based and heavy-duty paper shredders from different brands. To buy a paper shredder at Costco, you can simply visit the Costco warehouse near your locality and buy one. Please be informed that to buy a shredder from Costco, you must be a registered club member. Since Costco doesn’t entertain non-registered members offline. However, if you want to buy a paper shredder from Costco online, you have to pay for it.

About Costco Paper Shredder 2024

Costco is one of the very renowned brands. The warehouse club model of Costco has proven to be hit and popular. The company got nearly 820 stores and around 114+ million members. It can be said that these membership holders are frequent buyers of Costco products and big merchandise. Costco warehouse holds a maximum number of stores in North America makes it very popular. The company runs on a very profitable model since they earn maximum revenue through club membership. The main target of Costco is to provide a maximum discount to their customers, thereby attracting them to buy club memberships. This helps them in retaining their customers for a very long time. The company provide the best commercial paper shredder for shredding multiple pages at a time.

Best 3 Paper Shredder Costco 2024

A lot of brands are available for sale in Costco warehouse and website. You can choose the paper shredder Costco as per your preference Out of all the brands and Costco shredders available, we have shortlisted the top 3 models of paper shredder Costco. You can check and consider buying any of these.

Royal Micro-Cut Paper Shredder (Royal Shredder Costco)

This is one of the best and most powerful shredders out there in the market. This Royal Costco shredder is designed to meet today’s and tomorrow’s demands. The heavy-duty motor can shred up to 16 pages in one go. Other important features of this royal shredder Costco are as follows: –

  • This shredder will cost you around 139 euros.
  • This Costco shredder by Royal Shredder provides a micro-cut experience by shredding paper in small pieces of 4mm x 10 mm.
  • It provides maximum security since this is a cross-cut shredder.
  • The shredder can cut 16 pages in one go with 5 seconds per pass speed.
  • The company claim large shredding jobs completion in 30 mins run time.
  • The shredder comes with dimensions of 11.03″L x 14.81″ W x 20.87″H which makes it easy to store
  • The royal shredder Costco weighs 37 pounds and is available in black and silver colour.
  • The shredder provides an auto-on and off feature to prevent motor overheating issues.
  • The bin capacity of this Costco shredder is 7 gallons which are huge and useful for medium to high usage types.

Micro shred 1800MC Micro-Cut Shredder (Micro-Cut Shredder Costco)

This is another well-known micro-cut shredder Costco available in the market. This Costco shredder is known for its heavy-duty performance. This machine can shred up to 18 pages in one go. Thanks to its powerful motor. Other important features of this Micro-cut shredder Costco are as follows: –

  • This shredder will cost you 239 USD.
  • This Costco shredder by Fellowes can shred paper into 6 times smaller pieces as compared to another micro cross-cut shredder
  • It provides premium security since this is a cross-cut shredder
  • This micro-cut shredder Costco can shred up to 18 pages per shred
  • It comes with an auto-reverse and restart feature in case of a paper jam
  • This micro-cut shredder Costco comes with a huge 8-gallon pull bin
  • The item comes with dimensions 24.81H x 16.25W x 12.69D
  • This comes with 20 mins off time and 30 mins on time
  • The shredder also provides an auto-on and off feature to prevent motor overheating issues.

Royal Consumer 1005MC Micro-Cut Paper Shredder (Royal paper shredder Costco)

This shredder could be less powerful as compared to the other two mentioned in the article. But this one is surely the best in the competition. This royal paper shredder Costco is probably the best one when it comes to budget options. This machine can shred up to 10 pages in one go. The motor is surely very powerful. Other various features of this royal paper shredder Costco are as follows: –

This shredder will cost you around 50 USD. It is one of the best paper shredder under $100.

  • This royal paper shredder Costco can shred paper into very small diamond-shaped pieces
  • This shredder can shred up to 10 pages in one go
  • It comes with an auto turn-off feature to prevent overheating issues
  • This machine weighs 14 pounds
  • This shredder comes with a 3.75-gallon bin
  • This royal paper shredder Costco has dimensions of 15.35″H x 12.79″W x 8.42″D, making it easy to store anywhere in the room
  • This paper shredder Costco can be used for home as well as office use.

The above-mentioned paper shredder Costco is by far the best one available in the market. You can check all these options and choose any one of the same bases on your preference. In case you are still not sure about buying any of these shredders, you can check below alternate options as well.

Alternate Options of Paper Shredder Costco

Not everyone holds a membership of the Costco club, hence it becomes difficult to buy paper shredders at Costco offline. Also, buying a paper shredder at Costco online will cost you an additional 5% surcharge if bought without a membership.

 Not everyone is willing to invest this much money additionally on a paper shredder. This is where Amazon’s basic paper shredders come into the picture. We will share with you a list of the best paper shredder manufactured by amazon. These shredders are best in class and can be used alternatively in place of Costco shredders. The name list of these shredders is mentioned below.

  • Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Capacity Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder
  • Amazon Basics 8-Sheet Strip-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder
  • Amazon Basics 8-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder with Pullout Basket
  • Amazon Basics 12-Sheet Cross-Cut Junk Mail, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket

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Above mentioned amazon basic paper shredder is the best and budget-friendly option. You can simply check the reviews of these shredders on the Amazon website itself. These shredders are the best alternatives to paper shredder Costco.

If you don’t want to buy machines and shred paper free of cost then join the free paper shredding events near me.

Other Options:-

Best Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Iron Mountain Paper Shredder

Office Depot Paper Shredder

Conclusion- Paper Shredder Costco 2024

Choosing a paper shredder might seem difficult but it isn’t. If you understand your requirement and usage limit, you can simply choose the best paper shredder for yourself basis your preference. Some prefer paper shredder Costco whereas others want to check other alternative options too. We have provided you with complete details in the article to help you choose the best shredder. Still, if you face any doubt, feel free to write back to us and we shall revert you at the earliest.

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