Why Should Videos Be a Must-Make Addition to Your Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing Strategy

92% of marketers count video as an essential aspect of their social media marketing strategy. It is not surprising as everyone now owns a smartphone and spends a lot of time browsing through content. However, that is not the only reason to use videos for marketing. Videos are an excellent way to increase engagement and capture people’s attention on social media. A well-made video can help a business get more traffic, grow its audience, and increase sales. 

Videos are great for social media because they are entertaining and easier to digest than blog posts or text-based articles. With the proper video editing software and hardware, anyone can make a quality video, and it’s easier to produce on a smaller budget than a large budget since you can scale down rather than up. An excellent way to tell if a video is worth watching is if it has many views, positive comments, and likes! 

Do these points not sound convincing? Don’t worry. Read on to understand each of them in detail. This blog will also guide you on using video as part of your social media marketing strategy for health, business, and more making it work to your advantage.

Why Are Videos Popular on Social Media?

Videos are also a great way to engage viewers. Audiences pay more attention to videos than they do to text. And they are more likely to remember that video content. If you have a video in front of people, you have got a chance to get your content in front of them on the most popular social media sites!

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Advantages of Using Video as Part of Social Media Marketing Strategy

Below are the benefits of video you must consider in Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Better Brand Recall

Your customers should be able to recall your brand. If they can’t, they will not remember your company later. What’s an excellent way to ensure that your customers will remember you? You have to use a video! Video is one of the most engaging ways to get your message out. Once people see it, they will be more likely to talk about it online, improving their reputation. Plus, it makes the perfect supplement to a blog post or article. The clip can go right beside your text, so you have a visual way to engage viewers.

Not only do they catch your eye much more than text does, but they also take up more space in your memory, and as a result, you are more likely to remember them. This is why video marketing is at such a high right now. Recent research by Invisia found that viewers remembered 95% of the key messages in the video. This proves the power of video marketing and why you need to start using it in your marketing strategy.

Builds Trust

The internet is full of videos from companies you may know. Think of a time when you watched a video from one of your favorite brands. After watching the video, did you feel more inclined to make a purchase? The answer is likely yes! Video is a great way to build brand trust with viewers and customers. If a company has a range of videos on its website and social media, it’s a good indicator that they care about what they’re doing and will provide high-quality service if you do business with them.

Influences Buying Decision

Video marketing has been proven one of the most effective forms of digital marketing. A study showed that 93% of online users say that if a video is relevant to a product, brand, or service, they are likely to buy from the company. This implies that marketing your product using a video is vital. Finally, a recent study shows that corporate executives make purchasing decisions based on what they have seen in a video. With the statistics in mind, it is easy to conclude that a business will benefit from adding another video to its marketing strategy.

Better ROI

The whole point of marketing is increasing your brand’s visibility and promoting your product or service. The return on social media marketing investments can be measured by the volume of organic reach, comments, likes, and shares a social media post gets. It is no rocket science that video posts have a better reach than static image posts. This means the engagement on these posts is likely to be higher too. 

The reason for this is simple. People prefer looking at videos over static images. Besides, a video can come in numerous forms and serve different purposes. For instance, you could create a how-to video to showcase your product or service. 

You could post a testimonial video to show how your users/customers feel about your product or service. You could also host webinars and post product demo videos to showcase your offerings. Each video type has a unique advantage and works differently for each brand. So, before you stick to one video type, please experiment and see what works best for your business type and audience. 

Easy To Create

The popular belief is that you need a professional team of musicians, camerapersons, and video editors to create a video. However, this is far from the truth. You can shoot flawless videos for your brand marketing even with your smartphone. 

You must upload this footage to an online video editor and create a marketing video. It is essential to choose an easy video editor that comes with preset templates for different social media platforms, products, and video types to ensure the outcome is excellent. Also, read Instagram Ecommerce Tactics.

Conclusion – Importance Of Video In Social Media Marketing Strategies

Video marketing is rising as more companies have decided to make videos a part of their social media marketing strategy. The reasoning is quite simple. It’s because it works. According to Facebook, posts with videos receive 2.3X more average organic reach than those without. 

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That’s mainly because viewers are more likely to interact with your post, and they are more likely to remember it. So, do not think further; immediately include videos in your social media marketing plan. With numerous online video editors available, creating professional videos is not that difficult either. Did you find this blog helpful? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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