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How To Download All Attachments in Gmail 2024

how to download all attachments in Gmail

Gmail has been the most popular and widely used platform for email marketing and conversations. Its unique features like schedule emails, snooze messages, undo send, automatic email filters and categories, dynamic emails, etc. help offer the best user experience and attract a general audience to the platform.

Along with several exciting email features, Gmail also allows you to download important attachments within the email. But, do you know how to download all attachments in Gmail?

Well, worry not this ultimate guide helps you learn how to download all attachments in Gmail in a few simple clicks. So, stay tuned to the article save your time, and keep your important files within your reach.

Understanding Gmail Attachment

If you are a Gmail user then you may surely receive attachments in your advertisements, surveys, or any other type of mail. An email attachment refers to the document or a media file sent inside the email messages. Attachments are essential for a better understanding of the purpose of the mail.

We are going to share the guide on how to download all attachments Gmail further in the article, to open and see the attachments without any trouble, you just need to open the email. Then, hover over the attachment file and click on it. That’s it, a pop-up showing the attachment file will appear on the file.

Gmail offers multiple formats and features to view attachment files conveniently. These options include viewing files in the associated application, Google Drive, Google Docs, and others. However, it can be confusing for some users to find the best way to download all attachments in Gmail. To avoid mistakes, check the following methods and choose the best that fits your needs.

How to Download All Attachments in Gmail: Step-by-Step Process

You can download any attachments from an email by simply following the below process:

  • Open any browser and go to Gmail, or simply open the Gmail application on your mobile or desktop.
  • Search for the email that you have wanted to open, and click on it to open.
  • Move your mouse to the attachments and then click on the “Download” button.

Now, you have learned the process of how to download attachments in Gmail. if you want to bulk download the attachments in Gmail, then consider following the below step-by-step process on how to download all attachments in Gmail:

  • Similarly, Go to through any of your favorite browsers or you can just open the Gmail application on your mobile or desktop.
  • Now, go to your Gmail inbox and select all the emails with attachments that you want to download.
  • Once you have selected all the emails, click on the three vertical dots icon given at the top of your inbox.
  • A pop-up showing different options will appear, select “Forward as attachment” from the menu.
  • A draft mail containing all the selected email’s attachments as an attachment will pop up.
  • Now, fill out the required information like the recipient (can be yourself), subject, and body. Then, simply click on the ‘Send’ button.
  • The resulting email will contain all the attachments of the emails you have selected. Click on the ‘Download’ button to download all the attachments from this email.

Tips to Manage Gmail Attachments

To maintain an organized and efficient workflow, it is important to manage your Gmail attachments properly. So, here are a few tips to help you manage your Gmail profile efficiently:

  • Use Google Drive: To share large files and multiple attachments, consider uploading the files or attachments on Google Drive and sharing the file link in your email.
  • Enable Google Drive Integration: You can use Google Drive and Gmail simultaneously for better management of attachments. You can insert or download attachments using Google Drive.
  • Use Labels: Try to create labels for specific types of email attachments and from specific senders. This will help in categorizing and finding emails more efficiently.
  • Empty Trash and Spam Folders: Try to keep your trash and spam folder clean to save your Gmail account storage.

Following these tips, you can effectively manage Gmail attachments and keep your inbox and attachments organized.


Attachments are an important element of any email. From promotional to important business mail, attachments are used everywhere. While you can download each attachment by simply clicking on the ‘Download’ button, it may be difficult to download all the attachments in emails in bulk.

So, to guide you, here in this article, we have shared step-by-step instructions on how to download all attachments in Gmail quickly and efficiently. You can also use the tips to manage and organize your Gmail’s inbox and attachments effectively. So, enjoy seamless workflows and productive online experiences, and focus on more meaningful tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Download All Email Attachments At Once?

To download all email attachments at once using Gmail, go to Gmail inbox and select the emails. Now, simply click on the Three vertical dot icon and click on the ‘Forward as attachment’ option. Now, fill in the information in the draft mail pop-up. Now, simply download all the from the resulting mail.

Why I Can’t Download Attachments In Gmail On Mac?

The main reason why you can’t download files from my Gmail account is the poor internet connection of your mobile and desktop. However, if you are still not able to download the files, then consider contacting the Gmail help center.

Why Are Attachments Not Showing In Gmail?

If you can’t see the attachment in your email, then maybe the ‘Attachment’ feature was accidentally disabled or restricted in your Gmail settings. So, enable the attachments, go to Gmail account settings, then open the ‘Attachments’ section, and enable the ‘Allow Attachments’ option.

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