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How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

How to Download Youtube Videos for Free

How to download YouTube videos for free is a hot topic amongst various free users. It is one of the most popular video streaming platforms, with 2 billion monthly active users. It is filled with different types of content, including informative, entertainment, educational, etc. On a boring day, YouTube is the best partner to improve your day. However, while watching a video, several ads appear on your screen, which can be irritating sometimes.

The easiest way to avoid these ads is to download your favorite videos. Methods like using third-party apps, online tools, platforms, etc., are very popular among users for downloading YouTube videos for free. Further, in this article, we have explored these methods for an easy and quick YouTube video download and shared tips on how to use them easily and effectively.


How to download YouTube videos for free is a burning question on the internet today.

You can easily download YouTube videos for free, using third-party software or a free YouTube video downloader. These apps or tools save a lot of time and money while giving high-quality videos to the user.
Alternatively, if you want a direct method, you can download YouTube videos for free using YouTube Free for SD quality and YouTube Premium for HD/4K quality

Further, we have discussed these two options for YouTube video download- Third-party apps and free YouTube video downloader tools below-

Download YouTube Videos for Free Using Third-party Apps

Using third-party apps is an excellent way of downloading YouTube videos for free. While these apps download videos for free, they offer the maximum quality for your YouTube download video. Many apps are available on the internet, like 4k video downloader, Winx YouTube downloader, etc., that help to download videos easily.

Further, we have shown the process of downloading YouTube videos for free using one of the leading third-party software- VLC media player below:

  • First, open the desired YouTube video and copy the URL. If you are using a YouTube application, you can do the same with the help of the “Share” option.
  • After copying the URL, open the application, click on media, and then open the network stream.
  • Now, the software shows a new window with four options. Select the “Network” option, paste the desired URL in the network protocol box, and then hit the “Play” button.
  • After the video starts playing, click on tools, codec information, and copy the location.
  • Now, open any web browser, paste the copied location, and hit enter. After the video is displayed on the screen, right-click on the mouse and then click on the “Save video” option, choose the desired file location, and the file will start downloading.

You can follow a similar process in various third-party software. It is a quick and reliable solution for downloading YouTube videos for free. So, try the third-party apps option now to download high-quality YouTube videos for free.

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Download Videos Using Online Tools

To download a YouTube video for free and in high quality, using a free YouTube video downloader is the easiest and quickest way available. Many tools available on the internet are very useful in the YouTube video download process. You need a nominal internet connection to download your favorite YouTube music or video successfully.

Furthermore, there are tools like YouTube 4k Downloader,, 4k Video Downloader,,, etc. that are online for free. Follow the below steps to download YouTube videos for free using a free YouTube video downloader available online:

  • Copy the URL of the YouTube video that you want to download.
  • Open any web browser, then go to the above-mentioned online tool homepages.
  • Then paste the copied URL into the space provided on the page.

Following the above steps, you can download desired YouTube videos of any specific format at zero cost. Some tools also allow you to download only the audio of the YouTube video. So, try online tools to download YouTube videos easily and fast.

YouTube Premium: The Best Option

YouTube also allows downloading YouTube videos at 480p for free. However, you must subscribe to its premium version to download YouTube videos through its application.

Since Youtube is a social media and video-sharing platform, it is very popular among users. YouTube Premium is the best option to download YouTube videos legally and ethically. While it charges a cost for premium services, it helps avoid any future security risks. YouTube comes with three premium plans- individual, Family, and Student.

Currently, there are more than 30 million members that are taking advantage of YouTube’s premium and music service. Its cost varies from country to country, e.g., $11.99/month in the United States, ₹129.00/month in India, ¥ 1,180/month in Japan, etc. 

You can download any video with a few clicks using YouTube Premium. To play the downloaded video, click on the “Downloads” option on the left side of the screen. To play the same on the YouTube application, click “Library” at the bottom of the screen and then click “Downloads.” Downloaded videos can be easily played on both the browser and mobile device. So, try YouTube Premium now to download a video in a few easy steps.

Other Alternatives

To avoid several ads, downloading the video is the best option; however, there are many other options by which you can experience ad-free video streaming easily. Blocking various ads has become much easier with the help of browsers like Brave and others or extensions like Adblocker.

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Further, you can use different platforms, like NewPipe, SkyTube, etc., as an alternative to YouTube. These platforms are quite similar to YouTube. However, you don’t have to watch ads while enjoying your favorite videos. So, try these alternatives for ad-free entertainment without downloading any videos.

Conclusion: How to Download YouTube Videos for Free

In conclusion, many ways available on the internet may help you download YouTube videos for free. Some of the most popular methods are discussed above in the article. 

We believe using YouTube Premium is the best way to download YouTube videos. YouTube Premium may charge some cost, but it offers YouTube video downloads at high quality. It is the legal and ethical way of downloading videos.

However, if you want to download YouTube Videos quickly and at no cost, check out other options shared above. So, download your favorite YouTube videos for high-quality offline viewing now with the help of the above-given methods.

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FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal to Download Videos from YouTube?

Yes, you can download YouTube videos legally using YouTube Free or Premium depending on the quality you require.

How to Download YouTube Videos for Free?

You can download any YouTube video for free using online tools like,, etc., easily and quickly.

Can I Download a Video from YouTube and Use it?

Many videos on YouTube are copyrighted, which means it is illegal to use the downloaded video for profit or money-making purposes. 

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