Meta Threads: The Next Step in Social Media

Meta Threads

Social Media apps have become an important part of our daily lives. Digital connections have become as important as real-life connections. Everyone has engaged in making their presence on different social media applications. As names like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat are some popular social media platforms.

Meta Threads has also joined the race and emerged as one of the best micro-blogging platforms. It has taken social media one step further with its user interface, digital interactions, community building, etc. So, read the article carefully to get all the information on the next chapter of social media, Meta Threads.

What Is Meta Threads?

On July 5, 2024, Meta Platforms introduced a new social media platform called Threads. It is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to share text updates and join public conversations on exciting topics. It works as an extension of Instagram; every user needs an Instagram account to access the application.

As of now, the Meta Threads app is only serving the United States and 99 other countries (excluding the European Union, China, Iran, Russia, and 63 other countries).

Currently, it is available as a mobile application accessible on both Android and iOS. However, Meta has announced, a web version of Instagram Threads where users can post, like, re-share, feed, browse feed, and use all the functions on the browser. Instagram Threads also offer other useful features some of which are shared further in the article.

Key Features of Meta Threads

Meta Threads also offer various unique features for giving the user a better platform for sharing their textual thoughts and initiating or joining interesting public conversations. Some of its key features are as follows:

User Interface and Experience

Its intuitive interface, clean UI/UX design, and easy way of reacting to the posts provide users with a seamless experience and help their posts to go viral. However, it has a basic feed option for users, you will only see trending posts or posts of users you follow.

Building a Community

Threads by Instagram also allow users to explore various communities like gaming, arts, cooking, fights, etc. You can engage and join different conversations about the community. With the help of the Meta Threads app, you can make new friends and connect with like-minded people.

Accessibility and Connectivity

Meta’s social media apps access and track some amount of user data which violates the privacy of the users, causing a ban in several countries. Further, you can connect to more than 100 million people on Threads, however, to use it in banned countries, you can use a VPN for Meta Threads to avoid Geo-blocking restrictions effortlessly.

Content Sharing & Discovery

Meta threads have a limited capability for searching, you can search for accounts only. However, it allows you to share textual content of up to 500 characters. It also allows you to share a maximum of 10 media items like images, videos, GIFs, and links.

Customization & Personalization

Threads by Instagram also allows you to change your Threads feed and watch only posts of accounts you follow. By clicking on the “Home” icon at the bottom of the screen or “@” at the top of the screen, you personalize your feed between “For You” and “Following”.

Monetization Strategies

Threads do not have any ads on their platform. It offers a clean intuitive interface free from any types of ads. However, it may introduce ads and monetization on the platform in the future.

Challenges and Opportunities

While Meta Threads is still growing as a platform for text-based content, It is important to look at its challenges and opportunities that are important for its future expansion and growth. Here is a closure to these critical factors:


  • User Acquisition and Retention: Meta Threads has seen a huge rise and fall in the number of active users. While it has broken all the previous records by hitting a milestone of 100 million users in just five days, currently only 8 million users are using the app daily and spending only 2.9 minutes per day.
  • Data Privacy: Data security has always been a big concern while using any Meta application. Meta Threads app also accesses some amount of user data including contact information, location, contacts, user content, usage data, etc.
  • Advertisement: Threads Instagram does not have any ads yet. It has a clean interface, free from any type of ads or promoted content. However, ensuring a smooth running without any ads or compromise in user experience is a main challenge for Threads Instagram.


  • Global Expansion: One of the biggest micro-blogging platforms Twitter has been in an uncertain position since Elon Musk became CEO and introduced some changes in the platform. So, it is a great opportunity as some people are searching for a replacement for the application.
  • Partnerships and Collaborations: By doing partnerships and collaborations, Meta Threads can introduce and improve its feature set and attract a wide range of audience.
  • Enhancing User Trust: By prioritizing safety and privacy on the platform and ensuring a secure environment for users, the Meta Threads app can improve its market position and make its platform available worldwide.

Safety and Privacy

Meta’s social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp access some amount of user data and information. This violates the rules and regulations of the DMA- Digital Markets Act, Due to these violations of regulations, Threads by Instagram are not allowed in the European Union, China, Iran, Russia, and 63 other countries).

Meta Threads app follows community guidelines similar to Instagram, so it doesn’t allow any type of NSFW content on the platform. Also, it will not promote any type of controversial content which may violate public sentiments. It is much safer in terms of content as compared to other competitors like Twitter.

Competitive Landscape

Meta Threads works as an extension of Instagram which has helped it to get into the eyes of over 2.35 billion monthly active users of Instagram without any promotions or social media campaigns. Threads by Instagram has gained over 100 million users in the first five days of its launch, surpassing the previous record of the fastest 100 million users’ signups on ChatGPT.

However, as of now its daily active user count has dropped by 82 percent. According to reports, only 8 million users currently use the app daily and spend only 2.9 minutes per day as compared to 19 minutes in its initial days.

From the day of its launch, it has been considered as a rival of another microblogging platform Twitter. However, if we look at Meta Threads vs. Twitter, many differences make both of them unique in their way. As of now, Twitter is a much better option than Threads by Instagram as it is more secure and offers many useful features while Threads Instagram is still customizing their platform for better user experience. 

User Testimonials

Meta Threads app is still in its initial phase, so considering it a good or bad platform for text-based content will not be right. It provides many features including sharing longer text updates and narratives, strict policies for NSFW content, etc. which may be useful for many users.

While it is evolving continuously and introducing many unique features for a better user experience, there are many areas where improvement is required such as accessibility worldwide, customizable feed, easy deactivation process, schedule of posts, etc.


Meta Threads has shown tremendous growth in the number of users in its initial days. It has many unique features like longer content, no ads, a clean interface, etc. However, because of limitations like no deactivation of accounts, no direct messaging, less safety, user data access, etc., its user count has dropped by 82 percent.

Threads Meta can be a better choice for people looking for a micro-blogging platform where they can share longer text-based content and join public conversations of different communities along with a clean interface. Threads Meta is evolving continuously and introducing many other features to the platform, so check out Meta Threads to experience a new world of micro-blogging.


What are the Features of Threads Instagram?

Meta Threads offers many useful features like longer content, no ads, a clean interface, personalized feed, and strict NSFW content policies, to provide a better user experience to the users.

Can We Earn from Threads?

If you have an engaging community, then it is easy to earn through Meta Threads. By doing sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and other methods on Meta Threads, you can make a significant amount of money.

Is Threads Free to Use?

As of now, Threads Meta is available for free for all mobile users. However, Meta Threads has announced that the Threads users will be able to use the Meta Threads desktop soon.

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