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How to Use Spotify AI DJ? A Comprehensive Guide

how to use spotify ai dj

While streaming my favorite music on a popular streaming platform Spotify, I came across its unique personalized feature called Spotify AI DJ. With the help of machine learning and generative, this Spotify AI DJ makes a list of different tracks and uses commentary between the tracks to give a personalized DJ feel to the user.

While this latest feature become very popular among music enthusiasts, there is still some confusion in the user’s mind related to the feature. So, in this comprehensive guide, we will dive into what Spotify AI DJ is, how to use it, and its unique benefits. So, stay tuned as we are going to experience the full potential of this exciting feature.

Understanding Spotify AI DJ

Spotify has given an exciting way of exploring music to all users with its latest feature of AI-powered DJ. By using advanced personalized technology and generative AI, Spotify AI DJ suggests and plays music based on your listening habits and uses a DJ-like voice to imitate the style of a radio station. It lines up a series of tracks by analyzing your listening history and also uses commentary around the tracks.

Not only it gives a curated lineup of music alongside commentary, but it constantly refreshes the playlist based on your feedback. This cool feature is accessible only in countries like US, UK, Canada, and Ireland, so to use the feature easily, read the following step-to-step guide to how to use Spotify AI DJ carefully.

Step-to-Step Guide- How to Use Spotify AI DJ

To get the Spotify AI DJ, you will need to be a Spotify premium subscriber. Its costs may vary from country to country, however, its premium is in 4 types- Individual, Duo, Family, and Student. Further to use the AI DJ Spotify on your application, read the below-given step-to-step guide to how to use Spotify AI DJ:

  • Open the Spotify app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad devices, and then tap on the “Home” tab on the app.
  • Now, to open the music feed, tap on “Music” at the top of the screen.
  • Now, to start Spotify AI DJ, tap play on the DJ card.
  • The DJ will start right away and serve a lineup of tracks alongside commentary on the songs and artists, however, to choose a different artist, genre, or mood, tap on the DJ button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Further, if you are having trouble showing up the AI DJ Spotify feature, then make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app on your Android and Ios devices.

How to Find Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up?

Is Spotify AI DJ not Showing up? There can be multiple reasons like device compatibility, version of Spotify, or whether your country or subscription enabled the feature, etc. AI DJ Spotify can be found in the “Music” section on the platform’s “Home” screen. If it’s not showing, here is a few methods you can try:

  • Make sure that you are using the latest version of the app by searching for Spotify on your App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Spotify AI DJ is only available to its premium subscribers, so make sure you are a user of Spotify premium subscription.
  • Spotify AI DJ feature is only available to countries namely U.S., Canada, UK, and Ireland only. So, maybe the AI DJ feature is not available in your country.
  • Check that the Spotify AI DJ feature is enabled on your Spotify account. Just go to your account settings, then go to the “Playback” option, and toggle on the “AI DJ” option.
  • Log out of your Spotify account and then log in. It may help you refresh your account and access new features.

Benefits of Spotify AI DJ

Spotify AI DJ brings several benefits to enhance the music streaming experience of the user. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • By analyzing your listening history using machine learning and generative AI, Spotify AI DJ offers a unique playlist according to the theme, you have selected.
  • You can choose different themes according to your mood like From your Past- for music that you have listened to in the past, New Releases- for tracks based on your recent listening, and Recommended for you and Editor’s Picks- for suggestions based on the music you have played.
  • This Spotify AI DJ also gives commentary, contextual information, background details, etc. between the songs to create a sense of connection.
  • By learning your music habits, AI DJ Spotify evolves its music line-up accordingly to maintain the fresh and diverse music taste of the user.

Conclusion- Spotify AI DJ

Spotify has revolutionized music streaming services by introducing an AI DJ on the platform. By using machine learning and advanced AI algorithms, it gives a unique mix of your favorite music along with commentary. Its unique themes, personalized music, etc. make it a must-try feature.

can access the Spotify AI DJ feature in your “Music” tab available at the top of the screen. However, for a detailed guide, read the above-given “How to use Spotify AI DJ” carefully. So, let the new personalized AI DJ take on an extraordinary musical journey with Spotify AO DJ.

FAQs- Frequently Asked Questions

Why Don’t I Have AI DJ on Spotify?

There can be multiple reasons for Spotify AI DJ Not Showing Up, however, no premium subscriptions or restricted countries are some main reasons for Spotify DJ not showing up.

Is Spotify AI DJ Desktop Available?

Spotify AI DJ is now available on desktop, however, to access Spotify AI DJ desktop, you may likely to update or reinstall the software.

Is Spotify DJ AI Based?

Spotify DJ is an AI as uses generative AI to produce a unique mix or playlist based on your listening habits.

Is AI DJ Only for Premium Users?

To use AI DJ Spotify, a user must be a subscriber of the Spotify premium plan.

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