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How to Blur the Face in a Photo Using Canva? A Complete Guide

How To Blur the Face In A Photo Using Canva

Privacy has become a top concern for many individuals in this modern world. You often want to blur a face to protect privacy or give your photos a new look. Canva is a widely used graphic design or photo editing tool through which getting a face blur photo is so much easier.

In this comprehensive guide, we have given a step-by-step guide to “how to blur the face in a photo using Canva” and how it helps to protect your privacy and improve visual creation.

Why Blur a Face in Canva?

Before exploring the process for face blur, let’s know why blurring the face using Canva can benefit you. With the rise of social media apps, it is necessary to respect each other private life. Blurring faces using Canva makes it easy to maintain the individual’s privacy while sharing photos online.

Further, the blur effect is also a creative tool for Graphic Design. Blurring some aspects of an image makes it easier to highlight a specific part of the image you want to emphasize. Whether you want to highlight a person in a crowded photo or create a visual narrative, knowing how to blur the face in a photo using Canva is essential.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Blur the Face in A Photo Using Canva?

Now we have learned the importance of blurring the face in a photo using Canva, let’s dive into the step-by-step process of “How to blur faces in Canva.” Follow the below-given steps carefully:

  • Sign in to Canva and Open the Design Tool: To begin, sign in to your Canva account or create an account if you don’t have one. Now click the “Create a design” option in the top-right corner and select the type of design you want to use.
  • Upload the Files: Click “Upload Files” located in the left-sidebar and then upload an image from any source such as your local device, Dropbox, Drive, etc. Canva supports an array of image formats that ensure seamless compatibility.
  • Create a Duplicate Layer: Before beginning to edit an image, create a duplicate layer by right-clicking on an image and selecting “Duplicate.” This allows you to work without altering or distorting its actual appearance.
  • Select the “Effects” Tab: In the top toolbar, click on “Effects.” This provides access to several filters including blur effects that will help mute any features that stand out such as wrinkles or flaws in facial features.
  • Apply the Blur Effect: From the Effects Tab, choose “Blur”. There are various kinds of blur effects available – Gaussian blur, motion blur or radial blur are among many more that might fit your creative vision – for use. Select any effect that best complements it to ensure successful output.
  • Add Blur to Faces in Photographs: If you want to apply blurring effects to specific faces in a photograph, click and drag on the blur effect over them. Using intuitive tools, adjust its size, rotation, or positioning as necessary for optimal results.
  • Review and Save Your Edited Photo: Review the image for necessary refinements. Once you’re satisfied with the result, click the “Download” button to save the edited photo to your computer or Canvas cloud storage for future use.

Now, you have blurred the face in a photo using Canva, shared the image on social media, and used it in a blog article while assuring the privacy of the individuals and preserving the aesthetics of the image.

Features of Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that helps users create different types of designs for social media posts, presentations, and posters. Though you might use Canva just to blur the faces in photos, its versatility makes it a useful tool. Some examples include:

  • Templates and Assets: With Canva, you will gain access to a large library of templates, graphics, icons, photos, and illustrations that make design creation quick and efficient.
  • Magic Resize: With Magic Resize, you can quickly and efficiently create designs for different platforms. It provides a means of quickly resizing designs so they appear great across social media networks.
  • Brand Kit: Brand Kit, you can quickly build a consistent brand image across all of your business projects by using various branding elements like colors, fonts, and logos. This feature allows for maximum flexibility when it comes to establishing the right look and feel for each business project.
  • Team Collaboration: Canva Team Collaboration feature allows multiple team members to collaborate simultaneously on a single project from various locations – making it perfect for businesses with remote teams working on similar tasks simultaneously.
  • Animation and GIFs: Canva provides an abundance of animation styles and GIFs to bring life to your project, creating amazing graphics to enhance the viewer experience.

With these innovative and advanced features, Canva provides everything you need to quickly and professionally design designs in less time. Although some features may require a paid subscription, to maximize its full potential subscribe to Canva Pro at $119.99/year per person and take full advantage of it all.


Canva is one of the leading graphic designing platforms available for free and in a paid option. By using its advanced features, it is easier to create a fantastic design for different purposes; however, following the above-given guide- “How to blur the face in a photo using Canva,” you can add blur faces in a photo with a few simple clicks.

Further, we have given some fantastic Canva features that help enhance your designing experience quickly and easily. So, to respect the privacy of others or to give a new look to your image, use the power of Canva to blur the face in the photos effectively.


Can You Blur Faces on Canva?

Using Canva, you can add face blur in any image with a few simple steps. With its intuitive tools, you can edit the blur effect to get the desired output.

How Do You Get the Blur Effect on Canva?

To get the blur effect on Canva, click on the “Effect” tab at the top of the toolbar and then choose the “Blur” option to add blur to the image.

How To Blur Images Online?

To blur a face or any specific part of an image online, you can use Canva online platform. Many online tools like,, etc., will also get blur images quickly.

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